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p.s. I spoke to many Ford supporters including card carrying conservatives and few thought he would be a good mayor for the city. However, many thought he would be good for 1 term to 'shake things up' in a complacent council that's been shifting too far 'left'. 2 years away from the municipal election, will see who's name shows up again. P.S. if Shelly Caroll or Giambrone runs, I can almost guarantee you a second term Ford admin
If they really believed that Ford would be good, then they made a pretty stupid choice. Is there no one among the conservative cohort who thought "do we seriously want to be associated with this guy, and do we really want him to be running the city?"

That should have been followed by "can't we find someone else?"

Other than instilling a higher degree of divisiveness, the "shake things up" strategy has failed miserably.