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Thread: Globe: TransLink’s dependence on property tax called unreasonable

  1. Default Globe: TransLink’s dependence on property tax called unreasonable

    Interesting read from the Globe re: translink and their funding model


    Benefits and pitfalls for GTA to consider.


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    Interesting. So how do these guys plan to fund Translink.

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    The Councillor from this article represents the District of West Vancouver. It's the most expensive postal code in the country, very low density, little development potential, mostly curvy mountain roads and very restrictive zoning. Keep that in mind when you read this article.

    That said, I still found it very easy to get to the major destinations in West Van from downtown when I was there last year.

    TransLink's service problems lie in the region's diversity. There's really only three types of areas in the GTA - Dense downtown, sprawling suburbs and a bit of a transition zone. TransLink has to deal with mountain areas with little growth, dense downtowns, sprawling suburbs, geographical barriers, etc. That said, they are light years ahead of us in terms of finding innovative solutions to transit problems.
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