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Thread: Adding a Thanks Option

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    Default Adding a Thanks Option

    I've seen this option on other forums and was wondering if it could be implemented here?

    We've all seen the wonderful photos posted by the members of this forum, yet there is very little thanks (some people simply do not like to respond to a post just to say thanks). Those who take photos often take time out of their lives to update us all on the construction progress of our favourite projects, but not often do they get the recognition they deserve. So if this option was implemented, we can "thank" the posters in the individual threads (individual posts even).

    Not sure what I mean? This is an example;

    Thoughts? I know this option would help keep people motivated to continue sharing their photos and of course it's an ego boost as well!

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    Great idea!

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    Or even something like a "Like" counter would work too.

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