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Thread: Who left the printed signs out front of Toronto police stations? March 18th 2012

  1. Default Who left the printed signs out front of Toronto police stations? March 18th 2012

    Just curious if anyone knows anything about who is responsible for this 18th century style printed billboard protest, left out front of 51 Division Police Station on Sunday March 18th 2012 - at noon. It deserves a look,

    The person or persons went to a lot of trouble to print these signs and I just wondered if they were made by a student group, or a Civil Liberties group? or what the story is? Does anyone know. I got some grief taking these pictures.

    The signs were gone an hour later so I reckon the police took them inside and will burn them in their incinerator. I blogged about the happening Toronto Cops React to Protest Billboards in front of 51 Division Police Station on my Canada blog. Honestly I don't know who did this, but I do feel their pain. The Police Chief should be elected, like Sheriffs in the USA. They'd be more accountable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arob View Post
    The Police Chief should be elected, like Sheriffs in the USA. They'd be more accountable.
    They'd also be way more political.

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    I don't know who made up these signs but they concern the killing of Charlie McGillvary - a mentally challenged and deaf middle-age man who was out walking with his mom one night to buy some pizza and ice cream when he was tackled by a group of cops (Toronto's so-called "finest") after he failed to heed their commands (commands that he could neither hear or understand because of his disabilities)

    As the cops often do in these situations - they piled on top of him and he suddenly turned blue in the face. No doubt he was a victim of positional asphyxia (although the Medical Examiner - who is either corrupt or incompetent - ruled "natural causes" )(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positional_asphyxia )

    Positional asphyxia is the most common cause of death of people in police custody (this is how Toronto cops killed Junior Manon).

    The police know about the dangers of positional asphyxia (warned about it in their training) and yet they continue to practice this piling on - I don't doubt that some of them get off on the prospect of killing people.

    Charlie was killed in front of his mother and the police did not even have the decency to offer to drive her to the hospital!

    The SIU (Sweep It Under) "investigated" the killing and found no wrong-doing - no excessive force.

    To this date Bill Blair has not even issued a public apology to the mom

    It was an outrage that is becoming an all to common occurrence - almost weekly it seems!. Just last week the SIU cleared Police of any wrongdoing in the killing of a frail mental patient in a hospital gown holding a pair of dime-store scissors. Twelve officers in bullet proof vests and other protective gear and armed with non-lethal weapons could find no other way to subdue the mental patient other than shooting him dead !

    Two of the three shots went astray and we are lucky that no innocent bystanders - such as children - were killed in the gunfire.

    You mentioned that the police gave you grief for taking the pictures. What did they say to you? Police do not like to be photographed or video recorded (for obvious reasons) and are resorting to intimidation to prevent this. In the states they have even gone as far as arresting people with cameras!

    The police state is upon us and we need to WAKE UP! and take action before it is too late. Soon we will have no liberties left in this country.

    This is the BIGGEST issue facing Toronto - a million times more important than the subway vs streetcar debate - nothing is more important than our FREEDOM - and yet NOT ONE politician from the right, left or centre is even speaking about it?

    Perhaps a good first step would be to have an elected Sheriff since the elected politicians that we have now are afraid to take on the police - probably out of fear for themselves and their families.
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    Arob , I just finished reading your blog (I suggest others read it as well) so I have an answer to my question "what did the officer say".

    The officer was way out of line telling you to delete the picture. Police always remind us when they put up camera's in public - that we have no "expectation of privacy" in public (and I agree - I have no problem with police camera's in public). The same applies to the cops. They do not have an "expectation of privacy" in public just because they are wearing a uniform - just the opposite (there is a reason why they are required to wear name badges!)

    Of course the problem is how to deal with such intimidation? Had you refused to delete the picture the cops on the scene could have very easily escalated the situation to the point where you could wind up like Charlie McGillvary - lying dead in the morgue! At a very minimum you would have found yourself in custody and subjected to a humiliating strip search by sadistic cops.

    Can you identify - from the pictures posted - the officer who told you to delete the pictures? You may want to bring this story to the attention of Toronto SUN reporter Joe Warmington ( joe.warmington@sunmedia.ca ) . Joe is one of the few reporters in this city with the guts to take on the police (despite receiving threats from the cops!).

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    [QUOTE= The Police Chief should be elected, like Sheriffs in the USA. They'd be more accountable.[/QUOTE] Thats a bad idea idea. There is so much corruption in the U.S its crazy. Or like judges being elected. How can anyone thing thats a good idea. Even what happened in Florida with those ballots during George Bush vs Al Gore. Bush;'s brother was governor of that state and that gov't had a part in those ballots. How crazy was that. And the US calls themselves a democracy. Here Elections Canada runs the elections.
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    The Police Chief should be elected, like Sheriffs in the USA. They'd be more accountable.
    And end up with this yahoo?

    Be carful what you wish for Arob.

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    The reality is that elected police chiefs tend to lean more toward the "tough on crime" end of the spectrum than the civil liberties end.

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    Another week and another disgusting example of police brutality (attempted murder?) being reported in the Toronto SUN today:


    In a case of mistaken identity two plain clothes cops severely beat up a young father of two little girls and came close to killing him.

    Watch the video and listen to the words of young Ross Kennedy:

    "I thought they were trying to kill me....they took every last breath of mine away"

    Now look a few posts up to my first comment in this thread. I said in my above post that the NUMBER ONE cause of death at the hands of cops was positional asphyxia - a method whereby cops deliberately pile on top of a suspect causing airways to be obstructed and the near sudden asphyxia of the person in custody.

    Police are trained about this danger and yet again and again people are dying in this manner at the hands of Toronto Police (Junior Manon and Charlie McGillivary to name just two). The fact that cops are well aware of the dangers of positional asphyxia and yet people continue to die (or in this case come close) by this method tells me that this has become a preferred method of killing by Police (a lot easier to explain away then an execution by firearm).

    Innocent citizens of Toronto are being KILLED or severely beaten up by Toronto Cops who have almost complete immunity from prosecution and there is hardly any outrage in this city? If it wasn't for the Toronto SUN this wouldn't even get covered since the other media are blind to police abuses.

    This young man - Ross Kennedy - came very close to being killed and two little girls came very close to losing their daddy.

    What happened to Ross could very easily happen to ANY OF US!
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