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Thread: Listing and Sold prices in the GTA

  1. Default Listing and Sold prices in the GTA

    Not sure if this is a re-post or not.

    This site shows you the listing and sold prices.


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    very nice. thanks!

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    Very interesting. What I noticed was that sometimes (south of eglinton section) the list price was lower than the original price and the sale price was lower then both. Not sure what "original price" means. Anyways it looked on a couple, people sold at loss if "original price" was truly the original price paid by the seller for the unit.

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    Original price means the price when the listing contract was signed. Properties that have been on the market for a while often show a new listing price due to a price drop. But, there could could an increase from the original price. A house across from my brother was listed at $500,000 and when no bidding war happened, the price was increased to $580,000 (where it remains unsold).

    Example from the link:
    Orig Price: $324,900 1/12/2012
    List: $315,000 price drop at some point
    Sold: $307,500 3/14/2012
    DOM: 62

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