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Unique Student Amenities Planned for CentreCourt's Grid Condos
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Thread: Restaurant Pavillion at AGO

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    Thanks for posting this bit of news. Hopefully we'd get something with a signature Gehry look ... say something like the Conde Nast cafeteria.


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    Very promising, but Charles Pachter or not, the Grange needs to terminate the John St. view corridor, not the Moore sculpture.

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    The Moore sculpture won't be an effective view terminus even if you relocate it there.


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    I think the Moore should stay where it is. However, Mr. Pachter might be onto something. I'd love to see a Rodin cast there, or maybe an Evan Penny from his bronze phase in the 80's, or a new work. Something that would work well and not fudge the view line to the Grange.

    I'm really excited that Gehry is likely coming back to do the park and this pavilion. Maybe while he's here he could get a few more major commissions for the city. That'd be nice.

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    ^^ Maybe he can re-do Aura.

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