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Thread: Address at High Park - 2+1 converted to 1+1

  1. Default Address at High Park - 2+1 converted to 1+1

    So I've purchased the following unit at "The Address at High park"

    Its a pretty standard bowling alley layout for a 2+1 but I'm thinking of making a couple of adjustments to the layout to take advantage of the space. Both of these have already been approved by the builder I just have to give the thumbs up to do it.

    So part one is changing the front closet so that the den has a standard sliding door closet for storage. One thing to note is there will be same floor lockers and the location is right next to my unit. here's the adjustment:

    The second change is a bit more radical. I was thinking of dropping the wall to the 2nd bedroom and turning it into a dining area with a larger harvest table and a bunch. I would carry the flooring through the entire unit. The builder has agreed to provide me with the door that would have originally been used for the bedroom in case i ever want to convert it back. This change is more for me as I'll hardly use the 2nd bedroom and by making the changes in the den I can put a futon or something in there for when guests stay over. Additionally, the building will have a rental guest suite if needed. I'd just hate to have all that space but end up with a bedrrom door that remains closed most of the time.

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    from the sounds of it you probably could be fine with a 2 bed, or 1 + d unit.

    if the builder's okay with it and you want the changes, then go for it.

    carrying the flooring through the entire unit (including the master bed and den) will make the conversion back to a 2nd bedroom easier.
    since you're eliminating the common wall, make sure they place the light switches on the outside of the closet wall facing the window (not outside of the bedroom facing the LR/DR that i've seen in some condos).
    if possible, also have them add another electrical outlet to the hvac wall facing towards the bedroom.

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    Thanks for the advice about the switches. I'll add that to my list to ensure it happens.

    The feedback I keep getting is the classic: "A 2 bedroom has better resale than a 1". I just think that there's a huge gap in the market of large 1 bedroom units out there (This one will be 1,033 sq feet). For the right couple in the process of downsizing or for a single guy like myself I'd rather have square footage I can use then a 2nd bedroom I don't.

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    Personally, I like your changes. I think the entry flows a lot better and having a separate dining area makes the living area bigger. What should be most important to you is whether you like it and whether it fits your lifestyle. I don't know about resale value but I bought an older condo because I found the new condos simply to small and cramped.

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    I like the changes as well. I do agree a 2 bedroom is better for re-sale but who cares your the one living there. If it can be converted back easily then I would suggest to do that when/if you sell it.

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    This is a nice layout, can you share what the purchase price was if you don't mind. A range is fine.

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