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Thread: Urban Toronto mobile application...?!

  1. Default Urban Toronto mobile application...?!

    seeing as how skyscrapercity has one, and UT has grown so steadily into something that can begin call itself a high-traffic message board, it would be oh-so-convenient to have this...i'd pay $5 for it! would prefer it to be free, but oh well. i'd post waaaay more, and would use this for work and when i'm at city hall.

    PLEASE! i'd even help make it. i work in GIS and would love to get some sort of spatial database going (like emporis) that can then be linked up with google maps..

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    You can get an Android app for checking the dine safe health inspection reports for Toronto!
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    A mobile app would be great! There have been so many times where I have snapped a picture of something interesting with my cell, with the intention of posting it here on UT once I got home, but I never get around to adding it. It would be nice if the app gave us the ability to add a picture to a corresponding thread.

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    I'm just on my iPhone now and googled "urban toronto app", to find this thread

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