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87 Peter (was Noir Condos)
87 Peter St, Toronto
Developer: Menkes Developments

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Thread: 87 Peter (was Noir Condos, Peter n of King St, Menkes, 49s, Core)

Hybrid View

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    Default 87 Peter (was Noir Condos, Peter n of King St, Menkes, 49s, Core)

    Chalk up one more for the Entertainment District

    81 PETER ST
    OPA / Rezoning 12 115750 STE 20 OZ Ward 20
    - Tor & E.York Feb 1, 2012 --- --- --- ---
    Rezoning application for new mixed use building - commercial at grade - commercial parking garage on floors 2-4 and residential above. - 49 stories - 5 levels below grade parking - 189 residentil parking spaces - 103 commercial parking spaces - 546 residential units.
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    I've been wondering how long it would take someone to propose something for that lot. It's pretty sizable. I'm assuming the property is both the building and the parking lot right? Any idea who owns it?

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    oh yay, I hope as many downtown surface lots be filled with something during this round of boom as possible. There are too many of them wherever you walk!

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    I'd like to see some of these Entertainment District projects have significant retail components for a supermarket and/or useful big box retail (Ikea, Target, Home Depot, etc) like Tribute's Queen-Portland development. Probably won't happen here but for example, this lot is massive and would be quite suitable for such retail incorporated into the podium to service the growing number of area residents. Fresh & Wild is alright but is not enough. College Park (and vicinity) now has 3 supermarkets, while the nearest for ED residents is Cityplace or Queen/Portland. As thousands of new residents are moving into this district, there will be an increasing need for more amenities.
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    Doesn't the building house a club presently?

    Yeah, the lot his big enough to house some sizable retail at ground level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gristle View Post
    Doesn't the building house a club presently?
    Yeah, Time Nightclub

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    Pic taken Feb 3, 2012


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    Wow, how many new residents in that square 100 metres over the period of a few short years. Insane.

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    He means having to look at it everyday. aA's office is in that building on the left

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    Good thing there's no way in hell he'll be working at aA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by condovo View Post
    Good thing there's no way in hell he'll be working at aA.
    No kidding--no matter what they said or offered, I just couldn't be enticed.

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    ^^ I take it you're both practicing architects then?

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    Sometimes I like to imagine you folks in real life. Which one of you is secretly peter clewes and which of you are haven't left your basement apartment all winter except to get cheesies from the corner store.

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    If you ever show up to the meetups you can actually meet some of us, and I promise *some* of us leave the basement every once and a while

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    I'm not judging basement dwellers... if I could survive on the odd dorito forage I would. Unfortunately a dog and above ground rent keep me busy.

    To stay on topic though... I must say I pass Cinema tower everyday on the way to work and I hate it. More than any other building. Its south side is a bit more palatable but its north side is terrible. What really gets me is that orange strip and the terrible lighting feature, which looks like they spent $78 on at walmart. I cannot wait until Bond blocks part of it from my view.

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