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Thread: Volunteer Oppurtunities?

  1. Default Volunteer Oppurtunities?

    So, I am finally graduating, but I have very little job experience. I'll probably go back to college for a post-grad, but this summer I need some entry-level experience.

    I figure the only way to do that would be to gain some valuable volunteer experience.

    Any suggestions for places that either provide internships or volunteer experience? Something in the Toronto area (obviously), perhaps something interesting related to urban initiatives or something.

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    Try the volunteer board at your local community centre or consider joining your local (or "a" local) neighbourhood association.
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    We offer intern opportunities here at UrbanToronto if you are looking for something. Contact us below if interested.

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    Ed007Toronto, I had sent an email to you regarding this, and I'm not sure if you have received it or not.

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