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Thread: Rotterdam: A City By The Water

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    ronald1987 Guest

    Default Rotterdam: A City By The Water

    There's so many great threads on the City Photos page right now.
    I am impressed by all the pictures of Montreal, Paris, Cincinnati and Toronto (ofcourse) I'm seeing here.
    So I figured out that it's time for another contribution from me.
    Besides, it's been 5 months since my last decent Rotterdam thread.

    "... my opinion of Rotterdam as a photographher has
    nothing to do with chauvinism. I am referring to the enormous
    variety that Rotterdam offers a photographer. In the
    reconstruction that followed the bombing, there are so many
    different styles. You don't come across such a rich variety of
    architecture anywhere else. In Rotterdam, you can make
    great photographs with your eyes closed. The result is always
    good." (D. Sellenraad, Dutch professional photographer)

    Dockside living.

    Not just Paris has got nice bridges.

    This is actually a picture of something old in Rotterdam!

    Beer to the maximum.

    All the next pictures were taken in the 'Kop van Zuid' neighbourhood. All of this used to be a harbour/ industrial area a few decades ago. It has gone through a phase of restructuring, with a lot of construction still pending or coming in the near future.

    This type of residence is gaining ground lately.

    Streets named after architects are not uncommon here.

    Inside the court of justice.

    More harbour areas that might await restructuring in the future?

    This is my first attempt at making a pano. I'm content with the left half, but I dislike the right half, it could have been better, if I had included the full hight of the skyscrapers downtown. Anyway, enjoy!

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    Darkstar416 Guest


    Wow! Nice job my friend!

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    simply Dan Guest


    EXCELLENT pics, Ronald! That giant beer ad on the side of the Maersk building is unfortunate. How is the Red Apple development coming along?

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    Observer Walt Guest


    Ronald: A nice collection of pictures! Thank you. Most of us in Toronto will see some strong resemblances between some of your waterfront areas and certain locations along Toronto's Harbourfront. A major difference however might be the presence of such large office buildings immediately beside the water in Rotterdam. These tend to be away from the water in Toronto.

    The giant beer ad may be "unfortunate" but no more so than all of the billboards along the Gardiner Expressway! Maersk has to pay their bills somehow!

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    yyzer Guest


    Great Pics, Ronald...and good job on the pano!.....

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    Darkstar416 Guest

    Default Re: ROTTERDAM: That city with the Urban Cactus!

    Speaking of Rotterdam, check out this proposal...

    More info here: inhabitat.com/2006/11/07/urban-cactus-building

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    Oliver Tweed Guest

    Default Re: ROTTERDAM: That city with the Urban Cactus!

    Where the hell are all the people?

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    ronald1987 Guest

    Default Re: ROTTERDAM: That city with the Urban Cactus!

    Thanks for your reactions everyone.
    Darkstar, that seems like an awesome, crazy development.
    Judging by its looks, I'd say that it balances on the edge of
    what is acceptable here, as far as architecture is concerned.
    Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually gets built, I
    mean, everyone thought the cube dwellings were weird at the
    time too.
    There's anothe 'daring' proposals at the moment in the city:
    (this one was designed by William Alsop)

    Oliver, I tend to avoid people on my pictures. Dutch people, in
    general, do not like to have people on their pictures AND do
    not appreciate being photographed.
    Besides, this was on a tuesday afternoon, when most people
    were just working (the subway was crowded though, as
    Observer, sometimes we don't just built along the water, we built IN the water
    picture by Capzilla, at the Holland Hoogbouw Forum.

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    simply Dan Guest

    Default Re: ROTTERDAM: That city with the Urban Cactus!

    The proposed "urban-cactus building" looks incredible!

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    building babel Guest

    Default Re: ROTTERDAM: That city with the Urban Cactus!

    In keeping with the youthful cultural image they wish to project, I see that Rotterdam will be welcoming Canadian wunderkind conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin as the new Music Director of the Rotterdam Philharmonic, starting in August 2008.

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