There's so many great threads on the City Photos page right now.
I am impressed by all the pictures of Montreal, Paris, Cincinnati and Toronto (ofcourse) I'm seeing here.
So I figured out that it's time for another contribution from me.
Besides, it's been 5 months since my last decent Rotterdam thread.

"... my opinion of Rotterdam as a photographher has
nothing to do with chauvinism. I am referring to the enormous
variety that Rotterdam offers a photographer. In the
reconstruction that followed the bombing, there are so many
different styles. You don't come across such a rich variety of
architecture anywhere else. In Rotterdam, you can make
great photographs with your eyes closed. The result is always
good." (D. Sellenraad, Dutch professional photographer)

Dockside living.

Not just Paris has got nice bridges.

This is actually a picture of something old in Rotterdam!

Beer to the maximum.

All the next pictures were taken in the 'Kop van Zuid' neighbourhood. All of this used to be a harbour/ industrial area a few decades ago. It has gone through a phase of restructuring, with a lot of construction still pending or coming in the near future.

This type of residence is gaining ground lately.

Streets named after architects are not uncommon here.

Inside the court of justice.

More harbour areas that might await restructuring in the future?

This is my first attempt at making a pano. I'm content with the left half, but I dislike the right half, it could have been better, if I had included the full hight of the skyscrapers downtown. Anyway, enjoy!