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Ventus at Metrogate Condos
181 Village Green Sq, Toronto
Developer: Tridel

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Thread: Ventus + Townhomes @ Metrogate (Scarborough, Tridel, 2x 30s, G+C)

  1. Default July 23 2011 update

    Ventus 1 on 10th floor - as seen from Solaris

    East Elevation
    Miss you forever EE (1949-2011.10.14) and DaoDao (1998.03.28-2009.11.27)

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    Ventus + Townhomes taken today:

    Townhomes include tandem 2 car parking underground. Also, there is a garbage shoot system outside much like you see in newer condos, so that you will not see unsightly garbage bins outside.

    There are only a few more townhomes left as of today. 3B+D at 1,374sq feet is priced starting from $436,900. 4B at 1,452sq feet is priced starting from $462,900.

    These townhomes are move-in ready.

    Row of townhomes to be move-in ready in 3 months.

    These townhomes should be move-in ready in about 3 months I was told.
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    I drove by Metrogate today. Here are a couple of construction pictures of Ventus. The 17th floor is being poured according to the hoist numbers.

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    Nice! Thanks for the great tour of the many projects in town.

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    No prob's.
    Here's another long distance shot of Ventus, in behind a sea of highrises;

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    Construction photos from November 6, 2011 of Ventus 1 and the central park. More photos on the Facebook photo gallery.

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    ^ going to be a very green community with a park and grass, looking good.. i really like the futuristic look to the buildings

    however, is anyone concerned about the only 1 thorough street entering the community? kind of annoying that someone has to rely on kennedy every time they go home...

    this blogger is kind of true,


    hope that the GO plus ttc gets extended into metrogate
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    As owner living in Solaris, I agree with the observations/comments made ... surely this neighbourhood is very much car-oriented until better transit options become available

    Thus far traffic in/out of the site at the Kennedy Road intersection is quite good with the 2 towers occupied, will have to wait and see how it changes when Ventus 1+2 comes online, followed by Avani 1+2 in the future .... there have been provisions made in the Draft Plan of Subdivision approval to allow for a new road connection to the north at the northwest corner of the Metrogate site, under the CN rail, with lands to the north (when it gets redeveloped), effectively connecting with Cowdray Court to allow for 1 additional exit to Kennedy Road
    Miss you forever EE (1949-2011.10.14) and DaoDao (1998.03.28-2009.11.27)

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    one of these towers is already topped out- the other on rise pretty quickly

  11. Default February 20 2012 update

    Ventus 1 windows @ 22nd floor and Ventus 2 concrete @ 18th floor

    View from Solaris

    Dummed down version of rooftop architectural feature - with next to no sloped roof element on the left

    Ventus' so called "central lobby entrance"

    Ventus joining the Metrogate neighbourhood with Solaris

    Miss you forever EE (1949-2011.10.14) and DaoDao (1998.03.28-2009.11.27)

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    The crane for Ventus 1 has been lowered today.

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    A playground has been installed in Metrogate Park. Parts of the park will be opening next week. Ventus occupancy is slated to begin in July. More on the Tridel blog: http://bit.ly/JwJCLn

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    This park opening has been talked about and announced numerous times by Tridel since November 2011 ... hopefully this actually happens soon
    Miss you forever EE (1949-2011.10.14) and DaoDao (1998.03.28-2009.11.27)

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    May 4, 2012: Ventus 2 construction update:

    Construction at Ventus is moving along well, we are now pouring concrete for the 28th floor, and the exterior precast has been installed to the 17th floor. Windows are being installed currently on the 15th floor and the interior finishing work such as drywall has already begun on the ground level.

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