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Thread: Fantasy Renderings

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    Rhino 3D is fantastic for producing cool modern SFH. eg: Bild Architecture's http://www10.aeccafe.com/blogs/arch-...-Courtyard.jpg

    During doors open I attended a lecture at DSAI and they stated all the young architects are using Rhino/Grasshopper almost exclusively and that AutoCAD, Revit etc are being consigned to the scrap heap...interesting times.

    Remember the NimbyTect Neighbourhood? My fantasy for more intensification in the Queen and Spadina area--so far I've sketched out about 30 proposals in the area. Now here comes the NimbyTect Neighbourhood 2.0: coming to the Junction of my dreams....

    1) The Junction Flatiron

    2) Pacific & Dundas - NE corner

    (Initial quick sketch--revisions, better setbacks, details later ... maybe)
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    Welcome to the NimbyTect Neighbourhood 2.0: my fantasy vision for the Dundas Street West corridor from about Weston Road to Runnymede Rd.

    1) The Junction Flatiron at St Johns Rd & Dundas -6 storeys:

    2) Pacific & Dundas - North East corner - asking for a nimby prayer meeting to reduce the tears to 8 storeys:

    3) The Pacific - North West corner at Dundas - revisions to RAW Design's modest apartment building proposal - 7 storeys:

    Dundas and Pacific today:

    Pretty sad looking, eh?

    Thus it's time to start dreaming ... NimbyTect's design charrette for the intersection (to be continued ...)

    Anyone care to guess where building 4 is going?
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    Canadian architecture I like: http://renderpornstar.com/

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    I'll stop interrupting, but to address the above, AutoCAD is not going anywhere, and REVIT is just getting bigger and bigger (many firms still haven't even fully tapped into REVIT's many applications), whether people like it or not. Either you misinterpreted what the speaker from DSAI told you, or they were speaking their own distorted version of the truth.

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    Perhaps; however, the fact DSAI is using Rhino 3D + Grasshopper is good news: more organic modeling and less "boxes" in the pipeline? (Not that I'm against "boxes"--99% of the world lives in boxes duh.)

    Re: The NimbyTect Neighbourhood 2.0:

    I've identified 100 sites between Weston Rd and Jane Street, Dundas to the CNR tracks that need intensification. All without destroying heritage buildings! The majority sites will be midrises averaging 100 units per building. The question for the Junction nimbies: could the Junction grow by 10,000-15,000 residents over the next 30 years?

    (Think of it this way--my neighbourhood is High Park Village and houses over 10,000 residents in a much smaller footprint. True it may have more green space but my vision also calls for increased parks around the Junction. And yes it may be on the subway line. However by 2040 doesn't it make sense to rebuild the Junction streetcar route?)
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    Some of you Shark Tank fans may have heard of the Wall Doctor, but I consider myself the "streetwall doctor." Holes in streetwall bug me even more than paying $3 for a single organic cookie at a trendy farmer's market....

    Which is why building 4 in the NimbyTect Neighbourhood 2.0 is so vital--this "hole" must be filled in ASAP!

    Maybe with the Junction Market Lofts?

    A modest 6 storey loft building on Dundas Street West near Pacific:

    Junction nimbies: it's time to grow up or else your million dollar SUV-filled driveways may be overun by 905 sprawl....
    Canadian architecture I like: http://renderpornstar.com/

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    Insert NimbyTect Neighbourhood 2.0 building 5: Junction Flats

    Inspired by "historic" buildings found throughout the Junction--walkup apartments and commercial buildings--yet with no cheesy precast details you see on crappy fauxhistoric buildings around town:

    Six storeys, twenty units above 2 CRU.

    Decoration is good--if it's understated bling ...

    It doesn't have to be clad in brick

    5,4,3,2,1 yes NimbyTect is waiting to be knocked off!
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    Canadian architecture I like: http://renderpornstar.com/

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    That building has some likable details like the geometric bays and sawtooth trim. It could use a cornice.

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