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Shoring Work Proceeding for Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts
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Thread: Fantasy Renderings

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    NimbyTect presents yongLOO--a perfect (snow) storm of a condo tower proposal coming to the SE corner of Yonge and Gloucester. You heard that here first remember. I have several versions of yongLOU I'm working on. yongLOO is the white "conservative" modern-style design with references to the '60s apartment blocks in the area (eg white brick framed with painted white concrete) and the Victorian built form across Yonge Street (dormers, wood window frames, classic proportions, pitched roof) all rolled into one cohesive design that does not rely on endless grey spandrel and glass. The podium and the first two setbacks are basically finished here, minus the obvious details perfectionists demand. But it's again just a conceptual sketch(UP)

    3s podium (CRU, 2s live/work lofts above), 2s lofts setback, 2s lofts setback, 40-50s condo tower to come.

    The timber & brick stylized "tower" at the corner raises the eye upwards to form a "gateway" with the old Victorian across the street. It also provides a "sun screen", service stack, advertising signage potential and "public art/sculpture" and/or lighting landmark for pedestrians.

    Update: Gloucester elevation on the left; Yonge Street on the right.

    A reminder of the rubbish that's currently there--notice it's in white brick. yongLOU v2.0 will be in red brick.
    1) Yonge Street looking North near Gloucester, today and c.2020s(?)

    2) Gloucester Street looking East from Yonge Street, today and c.2020s(?)

    Should Yonge Street retain its current 3s built form with new towers setback (like at Five) or should the 1960s-80s 10s+ streetwall continue? What do the the nimbies think?
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    Urbandreamer: when I first saw your NimbyTect renderings, I thought they looked interesting but clearly amateur, like something you did in your spare time. But yongLOO looks creative and polished. I like the way your designs are modern, but incorporate traditional elements like the dormers in the modern design--something I've associated with Dutch architecture. I'd love to see it built. Maybe you should turn pro.

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    ^Thanks. Feedback is what I--and I presume others that post their renderings here--appreciate as it inspires us to go further and improve. I fully intend to hone my skills further (I'm good with the idea part--I've got a million of them lol--but am still working on the technical side.) I too love mixing the old Ontario/Canadian architectural traditions with the present but in a refreshingly modern manner that isn't fussy, pastiche-style or overwrought.

    I'm still working on yongLOO's tower. One simple idea: Continue the same pattern up to the top:

    46-50s in total.
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    NimbyTect takes another look at 625 Yonge Street. Two months after 625 Yung ventured into bold neo-brutorianism, the concept is being refined into izyung. The general podium idea:

    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    In progress: One version of yizzy (izyung changed to yizzy--aka yonge&isabella) -- the woodsy:

    The red brick and the whitey to follow.
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    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    625 Yonge Street = yizzy by NimbyTect. The general massing idea:

    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Now under construction:

    Downtown Yonge are you ready for the NimbyTect?
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    The Downtown Yonge Nimbies have come out in force to check out the latest NimbyTect erection. They may want to put on their glasses....

    A naked NimbyTect on Yonge? Cover thyself with cladding! (Got it.)
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    NimbyTect has put on some clothes. Dressed to impress the nimbies perhaps? Hello Mr Yonge and Ms Isabella, welcome to the NimbyTect Neighbourhood:

    Your NimbyTect Neighbourhood is on its way!
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Meet Mr Yonge and Ms Isabella ... Your NimbyTect Neighbourhood at 625 Yonge Street Toronto done the right way!

    Your amenities centre, details and more are on the way!

    Nimbies, what kind of street wall do you want? Red brick perhaps?
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    625 Yonge Street Toronto can be done the right way. NimbyTect's latest design is "conservative" for a reason: to demonstrate that using simple forms and materials--likely precast panels, glass and perhaps a brick or zinc clad podium--a condo tower like YI Developments is currently proposing for the site does not have to be ugly. Artfully rearranged, the condo units' balconies, glass and cladding can form a simple yet elegant pattern on the building's facade. The podium can meet the neighbours' form and nimbies' demands easily without overwhelming Yonge Street nor looking "small town."

    This attractive couple seems to agree:

    Do you?

    (I've once again run into limits of 1GB of memory on a netbook, so until I get the huge hardware upgrade, looks like this is a detailed as I can get. I used real columns (not all of them ideally placed--need to study this detail more--real wall and floor slab thickness, real unit sizes, real window frames--the idea: more Fashion House than Six50 King West--balconies, glazing etc that can be bought in real stores (aka brand name components via 3D Warehouse), etc. This is the most detailed and realistic building I've "sketched" to date. Totally buildable don't you agree?
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    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Your next NimbyTect Neighbourhood is now under construction: Yonge & Curvy.

    Any guesses as to the location?
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Yonge street?
    check out my future toronto renders, complete with colour coding of the stages of construction!


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    ^Fantastic guess! You've just won a prize to witness this dog fight:

    The glazing is going on the podium, but this match has only begun!

    Edit: Can you answer this math equation?

    (What # on Yonge are you staring at?)
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    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Quote Originally Posted by urbandreamer View Post
    Let's take this OT discussion elsewhere--you can go to the fantasy renderings thread or my twitter feed. I've learned that the more advice I offer for free the less people take me seriously. I've got a 10 point solution. #1: Check out what I'm dreaming up lately....
    Ok, I've reviewed your recent sketches and you've definitely got a few interesting ideas with regard to the plastic form your buildings might take. Now how do they (those buildings) address the underlying problems of trying to create instantly-vibrant places ('desirable urban spaces' in your words) from nothing?

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