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Thread: Radial/Streetcar/Light Rail Right Of Ways

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    Default Radial/Streetcar/Light Rail Right Of Ways

    Toronto currently has five right-of-ways for streetcars. 501 Queen (Queensway), 509 Harbourfront (Queens Quay), 510 Spadina, 511 Bathurst (Fleet), and 512 St. Clair (St. Clair West).

    There have been other right-of-ways. Some right-of-ways were turned over to the automobiles (St. Clair reclaimed theirs). Some had their right-of-ways shifted (Lake Shore Blvd. W. shifted to Queensway around 1957.)

    Lake Shore Blvd. West at Jane Street (South Kingsway).

    Radial lines were rural streetcars, sometimes on the side of a road.

    Kingston Road, east of Bellamy Road

    Yonge Street, looking south from 1/2 mile south of Finch's Corner, Toronto & York Radial Railway Stop 35, North York Twp

    Yonge Street, looking north to Richmond Hill

    Lake Shore Road, New Toronto, 18th St

    Lake Shore Road, Mimico, Mimico Ave

    Kingston Rd, west of Malvern

    Some right-of-ways had infrastructure, like bridges.

    Guelph Radial, bridge over Keele St, Weston Rd

    Radial car bridge, Oakville

    Humber bridges, Lake Shore Road

    Some right-of-ways were short, like these ones on Dundas Street West just west of Lansdowne. Eventually given over to the automobile.

    Dundas Street across Sterling Road

    Sterling Road north from Dundas Street West

    Looking west, on Dundas St, at Sterling Rd

    Dundas St, looking west, to Sterling Road

    Dundas Street west at Sorauren Avenue

    Dundas Street east at Sorauren Ave

    Dundas St, looking west, on western approach to bridge, at Sorauren Ave

    And some right-of-ways just disappeared altogether for the automobile.

    Spadina and Front looking west

    Others fortunately reappeared after being absent for some years.

    Spadina Avenue with trees and wide grass boulevard

    Spadina crossover, south of Bloor

    St. Clair Avenue West, looking east

    St. Clair Avenue at Ossington Avenue (Ossington Avenue fill)
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    Lovely streetcar pics W. K. Lis.

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    There's some good pics here that I haven't seen before. The picture of the Toronto Suburban Guelph Line crossing over the Weston Line (both TSR routes at the time) is a great one.

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