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Why do you keep bringing up zoning? Did I argue that those people should be allowed to break the law? Even the clubs operating within all legal restrictions will be targeted. Prosecute the inconsiderate morons on the street to your hearts content, I certainly do not identify with them.
I didn't bring up zoning. As was noted on an earlier post, club owners typically don't own the buildings. If the owner wants to sell, then they sell - regardless of whether the building houses a club or not. That is what has been happening in the ED for years and will likely continue for a while longer. It is the case for this project (not a club, but a supper club was demolished) and the recent nearby Peter Street development.

Um yes that's exactly what I'm saying. Most of those frats and sororities were established in the 1800's and early 1900's. Are you suggesting most residents in the Annex are upwards of 100 years old? (I was never in a frat, nor did I consider joining one).
A couple of points: first, an overwhelming minority of the houses in the Annex house frats and sororities. The overwhelming majority are residences that are not frats or sororities. Second, do you know any frat members who have been residents of the Annex frat houses for 100 years? No, of course not. They stay for what, four years? And they're off and replaced by new students - some of whom think that the neighbours only have to put up with their excesses for just four years. Third, are you aware of any laws that grant members of frats and sororities some sort of special right or gardfathered law that provides them a special exception to create excessive disturbances to their neighbours? It might come as a surprise to you, but the frats and sororities do not predate the residential neighbourhood. I think what you are looking for in both instances (ED and Annex) is an excuse. You haven't found one.

You keep acting as if I'm advocating for a bunch of lawlessness.
You have suggested that clubs came first in the ED, and that residents must put up with the excesses. There were residences in that part of the city before there were the warehouses and commercial buildings that are now being demolished to make way for new residences. Clubs or club patrons, don't get special rights. The same for the Annex and frats. Students don't get to exceed bylaws and to do as they please because their frat house has some history.

Yes I'm a student (PhD track) and I do occasionally go to bars/clubs. I don't see why my personal life should be of any concern however.
It wasn't an accusation, but an observation.

EDIT: I'll leave it there as I don't think we're going to progress anywhere
That's fine with me.