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Peter Street Condominiums
338 Adelaide St W, Toronto
Developer: CentreCourt Developments

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Thread: Peter Street Condominiums (328-340 Adelaide St W, CentreCourt Developments, 40s, aA)

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    Default Peter Street Condominiums (328-340 Adelaide St W, CentreCourt Developments, 40s, aA)

    This preliminary proposal was presented at the King-Spadina community meeting on August 14th. The building would be situated at the corner of the block defined by Adelaide Street, Peter Street and Drummond Place. Presently, the buildings on that block consist of a small number two floor structures. The notable businesses now there include the Adelaide Street Pub, the Roosevelt Room and the former (infamous) Club 338.

    The architect is aA (Peter Clewes presented), and the proposed height was 129 metres.

    Unfortunately I can't recall the developer.

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    August 14th 2009?

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    322-340 Adelaide West:

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    Think gristle means July 14th... At least I hope.
    "Make no small plans, for they have no magic to stir man's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical plan once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency. Remember that our sons and daughters are going to do things that will stagger us. Let your watchword be order and your beacon, beauty. Think big."- Daniel Burnham

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    Quote Originally Posted by khristopher View Post
    August 14th 2009?
    That's what happens when one posts information at 3:00AM.

    skorji is correct, it was July 14, 2010. I go on holiday on August 14th. I guess I was preoccupied with that.

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    I think we know why Peter Clewes' is the architect: So he can watch this building go up!

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    Developer is Menkes.

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    Sounds like it will be approximately 35 stories tall.
    It will tower over everything in the area, just like the nearby M5V.

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    In his presentation, Clewes mentioned that the height was not set in stone. He did note that at 129 metres, the proposed structure would fall near the envelope of diminishing heights as buildings approach Queen and Spadina Streets.

    The lower portion of the building would be designed so as to fit with the existing structures in the area. The tower portion up top would be further set back.

    One recommendation from the audience that Clewes agreed with was to push the building back on the lot in order to enlarge sidewalk space at the corner of both Adelaide and Peter.

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    35 stories? wow. I live around there. traffic and noise will probably be horrible!!! how long before construction starts?

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    Don't worry, this is nowhere near construction. There isn't even a set design or height to the building as of yet, but it will likely be in the 100 metre range.

    MODS: I have made an error regarding the addresses. The stretch of buildings included in the proposal also includes 330 Adelaide Street West (330-340 Adelaide Street West). I'm doing much of this from memory since my pen died at the meeting.

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    It's actually 328-340 Adelaide West.

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    According to this post, it will be 40 floors.

    328 Adelaide Street West

    Rezoning application for new 40 storey mixed use building with retail at grade, second and third floor commercial office space - 330 residential units, 118 parking spaces - 5 levels below grade parking.

    Assuming that it gets past the City Planning dartboard, this will be yet another of the multitude of talls going up in this neighborhood. Does anybody have a running total of the number of tall buildings proposed, approved, or under construction in the Entertainment District?
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    I'm curious to see the next generation of aA designs.

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