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Thread: Mobilia Furniture

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    Default Mobilia Furniture

    “Never EVER shop at Mobilia Furniture. You will be sorry”, said a wise friend of mine. I didn’t listen. I’m now paying the price.

    I bought piece of furniture at their Dixie store in Mississauga. It was defective. Actually, it was shockingly defective. I returned it. For six weeks they have been lying to me and giving me the runaround on what is happening with it. Lie after lie after lie. No one wants to take responsibility and no one has the power to do anything. Not even their store manager has the authority to process a refund.

    I want my money back. They refuse and are essentially holding me ransom for a 20% restocking fee.

    But... Apparently my replacement item is coming tomorrow. (They’ve been saying that almost every day for 6 weeks).

    A quick Google search reveals countless horrible stories and a slew of angry customer reviews and opinions. I cannot believe the number of nightmare stories I’ve since heard from colleagues and friends.

    Their customer service is abysmal. Once they make the sale the salespeople wash their hands of you and will never take your calls or want to speak to you again. They do not care what happens to you. (I am not exaggerating). You become the problem of the dingy and pathetic excuse for a customer service department. They lie. And lie. And lie. At no time will anyone even attempt to apologize for the defective product or for anything at all. You are trapped and at their mercy.

    Trying to talk to someone with any sort of power is fruitless. No one – not even a manager -- can do refunds or solve the problem. They will just keep passing you along.

    It’s like there’s this sad corporate culture of how it’s perfectly acceptable to let their customers know they are not a priority. I was constantly made to feel insignificant.

    It is shameful that companies like this can exist for so long. Do not support Mobilia Furniture.

    I apologize for my rant here, but I can honestly say that after more than 20 years living in Toronto, my experience with Mobilia Furniture is hands down the WORST customer service experience I've ever had to deal with.

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    brutal and sorry to hear about it. the best thing to do is get the word out as you have here and hope they eventually go out of business... or you could always contact CBC Marketplace who are always looking for stories from the public just like this. Actually all you would have to do is look up their email address and copy and paste what you wrote above. Good luck getting some resolution on this...

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    It's a good idea to check out "shop review sites" before you head out looking for big ticket items like furniture etc.

    One such good one is homestars.com

    and true enough, the homestars reviews for Mobilia are pretty bad. Out of 10, the scores for mobilia are: 4.4, 2.5, and 2.3. The 2.3/10 has 16 reviews so it's statistically pretty accurate!

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    I've heard bad things about Mobilia too. I think my parents bought some furniture from there that turned out to be pretty crappy.

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    Just took a quick peek an internet reviews for Mobilias around Ontario and Quebec... couldn't find anything above 1 star.

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    I went in the store once many years ago and found the staff so utterly rude that I left never to return. That location is out of business now so I guess it wasn't just me. Ugly furniture too.

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    They can't charge you a restocking fee for a defective product. If the next one is defective insist on your money back.

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    My brother used to work at Mobilia warehouse, few blocks away from Mobilia store in Dundas/Dixie. Given only few months to work and later being laid off without any benefits or compensation (and his last paycheque arrived 9 months after he was off from the job!), he told me stories about poor working condition at Mobilia in not only warehouses, but in retails as well. It's insane how these monkeys are allowed to run such business with unethical practices. No wonder BBB would piss on such poorly-run companies such as Mobilia (although the record was not found in BBB's Ontario site)!

    casaguy, you should probably go file lawsuit against this company.

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    Did you pay by credit card?

    If so, call the c.c. company and explain to them the above and that you've given Mobilia 6 weeks without any resolution/delivery of a non-defective product, and request a charge back (ie refund) to the company.

    Most c.c. companies will do it and if it's that bad, they probably have horror stories on file so will be completely sympathetic.

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    If all else fails, you might want to try sending your message to TheStar's consumer rights columnist, Ellen Roseman. She seems to be able to resolve issues like these in short order, even after clients have been given the runaround for months by whatever company that they're complaining about. Her website is at http://www.ellenroseman.com/

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    MOBILIA Guest

    Default contact info


    I am sorry to hear of your issues, if you would kindly either post up your invoice number or contact me via email so i may look into the case and have it resolved.

    As far as former employees, no one has been laid off from Mobilia in over 4 years. our payroll is done by a third party company like 95% of companies are and i do not see this being an accurate statement. That is all i will discuss on the issue.

    As far as your concern i will be happy to look into it and i am sure we can have this resolved.


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    To the original poster:

    Thank you for posting this review!! We are in the process of moving, and we need to buy some new furniture. Mobilia was one of the places that we were considering for furniture purchases. Not any more! I also use the homestars website, and I've had very good experiences with the vendors recommended on that site. Homestars is a reliable resource for evaluating services/stores. Someone mentioned, earlier, that mobilia had very low scores -- and this just reinforces my decision not to shop there. Now, I am going to do a websearch on each of the stores we are considering. Better safe than sorry!

    O.P. -- No doubt, you've saved me a lot of grief! (Sorry for your troubles, though)

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    casaguy.....if you could provide an update on a resolution or if 'mobilia' helped you out or not....it would be appreciated.... mobilia had several items that caught our eye...but obviously reading this we are definitely reconsidering...thanks!

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    Default Same experience with a friend purchase

    I had a friend that bought a complete bedroom set earlier this year, what a mistake and nightmare that was.

    Still today she is not happy with her purchase.

    First of all the furniture is now made in China and most times the quality is not good. Well she was disappointed!! She purchased her furniture at the Woodbine and Hwy 7 location in Markham.

    After some of the furniture was finally delivered she noticed that the leather covering all had defected indents(line marks). They said they had to send out a service person to inspect it.The service guy said it defective and to contact Melissa, she was all nice etc at first.

    My friend decided on a partial refund on those items. To get the check was a nightmare calls after calls she would say it being processed to its in the mail. Eventually Melissa refused to take her calls or even return them.

    They should fire her!!!

    Fed of getting no response we went back to the store and they had to make a few calls and then finally was able to get somewhere that the check is now issued. Still it took 2 store follow ups and the check did arrive.

    After the check came they delivered the bed and the wood that support the mattress moves around when you are sleeping at night which is annoying. The leather on the bed and night tables had those same marks on her bed head, sides of the bed and one night table.

    My friend is upset and do not know what to do at this point. The quality is not as they were long time ago. Her bed set cabinet the draws the painted finish looks like shit.

    We all should all have marketplace do a story of each unhappy customer.

    I would never ever recommend anyone to buy from them. I can't see Mobilia staying in business long if they continue to sellcrap quality furniture.

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    I had the same experience at Mobilia in Ottawa. I have bought a leather couch and loveseat and the leather grain on the sofa seat cushion does not match. The sofa also had a burn mark from the delivery guys dragging the sofa inside, which was repaired. The grain on one seat cushion is smooth and the other is rough, everyone that comes to my place tells me the cushion is upside down, which is not because is fixed. I was told be Mobilia that leather has variations and this is acceptable. I told them that this is not variation but totally different leather that was not matched and after several calls and visit to their store, no one called me back and I gave up. Moral of the story....don't buy anything from Mobilia, their prices are high and quality is low....and no service.....definetely would not recommned it to anyone.

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