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Thread: G Road Test Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetroMan View Post
    Anybody got any tips?
    Here you go, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldV7lkijKF8

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    There is no trick involving in passing the G2 exit test. Be familiar with the HTA and have enough experience under your belt. The first time I attempted in Brampton I failed because I made some bad mistakes due to my nervousness. I had studied the route beforehand. On my second attempt a year later in Toronto I passed without knowing where the examiner was going to take me or trying to figure out the route beforehand (waste of time IMO) I took the test in Brampton as I was living in Brampton at the time, and took the test in Toronto because I lived in Toronto at the time of my second attempt. It's pretty bad that people who live here can get a licence by going out of their way to a test centre in the boonies, hours away and with traffic conditions worlds apart from Toronto's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willy View Post

    I'm about to go for my G test in a few days, I'm a little nervous about a couple things, such as, when you make a left turn it's my understanding that after completing the turn you move into the right lane, after signaling and checking mirrors and all that. Though I've been advised to await the examiner's instructions rather than just assuming. But I dunno I've always been taught that you're supposed to change to the right lane. What should I do on the test?
    Do what you know you're supposed to do. You're not supposed to be doing things the examiner doesn't instruct you to do, however, they're not going to be telling you to do blantantly obvious things such as "depress the accelerator when the light turns green if it is safe to do so", or "come to a full stop at the stop sign ahead" "signal your intention to make this lane change" or "do not plough into the jaywalker ahead"... You won't be told how to drive, you'll be told what they expect you to do (i.e. they will tell you to parallel park ahead, they will tell you when they want you to park on a hill, they will ask you to change lanes when it is safe to do so to see if you can do it properly, and give you navigational directions and so on. They expect you to drive in accordance with the HTA, so if it's not clear by now yes you are supposed to move to the right lane as soon as it is safe to do so after a left turn.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willy
    Another little issue is when you're making a left in an intersection, I was taught to creep into the intersection until it was safe to make the turn after the on-coming traffic has cleared up enough to make the turn. On my G2 the first time, I did that and failed...but it was how my instructor taught me and it's common sense right? Otherwise you'd be impeding traffic by sitting there behind the white line during a green without creeping in to make your turn right?
    I'm guessing you creeped too far into the intersection or positioned the car in such a way that you were creating a hazard for yourself or others.
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    My son did his G1 road teat at Victoria Terrace last month. They didn't take him out on the highway - they had him drive around the surrounding residential area to the west. Underhill Drive area. There are a number of schools on Underhill so don't go over the lower (40km) limit. He passed. One of the things they have you do is back into a parking spot as the very last thing in your test.

    They also asked which way your front wheels are supposed to be turned when you are parking uphill or downhill facing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uptown View Post

    I'm guessing you creeped too far into the intersection or positioned the car in such a way that you were creating a hazard for yourself or others.
    Yes, one thing they don't ever want you to do (and it is common sense) is to position your wheels in anticipation of actually turning left, you should be straight on when creeping forward. The reasoning is that if you are pushed forward by being rear-ended, your wheels, if straight, will keep you from getting T-boned by oncoming traffic. This is a common mistake.

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    Do not go to the Aurora Center, period. The failure rate is somewhere in the vicinity of 40%. I've had poor experiences there before- and the thought crossed my mind to book in Orangeville or further north when I attempted my G. I ignored instinct and regret it. I just had the worst (and scariest) experience with an examiner ever. First of all, I drive a manual, and the examiner, despite repeated "excuse mes" from myself, kept resting his clipboard on my gearshift- then proceeded to take off 8 total marks for me "coasting" before lights when I should have downshifted- but had a delay in doing so because EVERY time, his clipboard was on my gearshift again.

    The gearshift/clipboard conflict was not the biggest issue. The examiner asked me to make a left infront of a pedestrian that had the walk signal and had stepped off of the sidewalk- which is what caused me to fail my G2 test when I attempted it back in the day, so I didn't make the turn until she had crossed- where he told me, I had the right of way, and should have taken it. I spoke up and pointed out that it was not my right of way- and paid for that remark for the rest of the test. When I moved over on the highway because an emergency vehicle was parked on the side of the road, he snapped at me "why did you do that? We're exiting right here."

    Finally the "last straw" so to speak, was when the examiner had me make an illegal right, which again, I hesitated, and again, he barked the order at me like I was a moron.

    After the test, he told me I failed, and I drove home and immediately called the police to confirm that I had been correct in my actions for my left turn, right turn, and highway lane change. They confirmed that I was. I've called the DriveTest centers and demanded a refund. Someone like this, should not be testing people- if he doesn't know the law.

    I have no problem taking the test again, but I DO have a problem paying $75 again. I am not a bad driver- compared to most people taking their G test, I have twice the experience. I have a clean driving record, and am very practiced in highway driving. Moreover I am in University, working two jobs- $75 is more than half of a pay cheque- I can't afford to keep paying that.

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    Wow! That's an experience and a half. What was the outcome? I was originally going to go with Aurora, but did my research and decided to go with Orangeville instead. My test (G) is in a week...wish me luck!! Any information on Orangeville will be greatly appreciated. Mainly, I wanted to know what route they take you on, I was told they use Hurontario rather than the highway for the test? But that's all I've found....more searching to be made!.... so hard to find online!

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    DriveTest has called me back, but I was out when they did, so the offices are closed until the 29th. When I call back then, I'll find out the outcome, and update everything here!

    I have heard that Orangeville is a good place to take the test. The one thing I have heard a lot of is that the examiner will deliberately take you through a school zone, so observe, obey the speed limit and you'll be fine. I think you are taken out on Broadway or Hurontario for the highway portion of the test. Relax, if you have experience driving on the highway you should be fine- unless you get a crazy person who thinks the rules of the road are up for interpretation.

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    Haha - you're too funny Merry Christmas!! Yes, keep us posted on that - that's ridiculous what you went through! Completely unfair...

    I have experience driving on the highway - not a whole lot, but enough I think...and have had no problems ( knock on wood!!) I heard Hurontario is similar to driving on Taunton Rd (Steeles east)...If that's the case, I drive on that all the time. I will pay attention to the school zone - thanks for the tip! Thank goodness that school will be out when I take this test...I don't have to worry about any little kiddies or school buses. I do have to brush up though, on some other things - things I'm sure I know, but just want to be 100% on...For example making a left turn at a green light - who has the right of way if a car on the opposite side is making a right? I assume I do...I'm going to gather my list and find my answers! It's been a while...

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    Hi, everybody!

    I didnot renew my G2 intime (beyond the renewal date) so had to start all over again. I am about to take the G2 soon. But I wonder if I can take the G road test soon there after without waiting for 2 more years? I have a safe driving record. My earlier driving license was from a middle east country. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Hi Observer, I think I got the same rude examiner that you got , he was giving instructions in a mad arrogant voice all the time, made me so unconfortable and upset that I failed. I called Drive test to complain, he should not do this to anyone else again.

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    I've taken 3 G2 tests at Vic park and passed every single one of them. All 3 of them used the same route.

    You make a right out of the parking lot going West on Lawrence. You make another right on the next street. then he tells you to pull into a side street and parralel park. Then tells you to make a 3 point turn. You then go back to the test centre and voila.

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    ontario drive test centers are deliberately failing people this is nothing more than a cash grab

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    Does anyone know the Downtown routes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShonTron View Post
    Yes, one thing they don't ever want you to do (and it is common sense) is to position your wheels in anticipation of actually turning left, you should be straight on when creeping forward. The reasoning is that if you are pushed forward by being rear-ended, your wheels, if straight, will keep you from getting T-boned by oncoming traffic. This is a common mistake.
    I remember my driving instructor told me to always turn the wheels left in anticipation of the turn. When I mentioned I was always told not to do that, he said it was crazy since I'd be able to respond faster.

    Some instructor.

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