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Thread: M1 + M2 + Metropolis + Parkside Condos (Liberty Development) - Real Estate -

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    Picked up the keys to our M3 unit today, had the PDI a couple weeks ago, most of the deficiencies were corrected. There were a few things still look out of place, and I hate the parking spot location. Geez, what did I do to piss them off? We will start moving things in in the next couple weeks, view is really nice though. It was warm in there today - ceiling fan may be the way to go. Does everyone have to really leave their bikes down there on P2? I'm thinking in my suite - can we do that?

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    I'm sure you could leave your bike in your suite if you choose to? Perhaps on your balcony?

    I'm in M3 also and my parking spot is outside the M2 elevator ... Do you guys think all spots on all 3 levels will be filled? Seems like 2/3 of the lots are still empty. I know that some space is visitor parking but I can't see the entire lot being filled.

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    Unless u never plan to use the bike, dont bring it in to ur suite , esp balcony. part of the condo rules . bc prob the bike will dirty the hallway etc. also parking cant b change unless u have a disability. to avoid favoristism etc the prop manager told me it was assigned by a third party

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    Will they properly pave the driveways?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greentea View Post
    Will they properly pave the driveways?
    Nope, never!!!!!

    Wait yes they will once everything is complete.

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    Did anyone receive their one year metropass for the TTC since April 2010
    I read all condos sold in Toronto must include one and the sales staff mentioned it as we are giving up one car and live so close to the subway.
    How do we get it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by just-me-eh07 View Post
    Did anyone receive their one year metropass for the TTC since April 2010
    I read all condos sold in Toronto must include one and the sales staff mentioned it as we are giving up one car and live so close to the subway.
    How do we get it?
    Did you get it in writing from the sales staff? As far as I know, it only applies in certain areas of the city (haven't read anything about our area) and only for new developments that applied after April 2010.

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    I don't think any of us will be receiving a metropass. If we were to get one it would have been once we moved in, and if there was no mention of it in your contract you won't get anything.

    With about 1000 units, I'm sure Liberty is glad they saved about a million dollars by not having to give us a 1 year metropass.

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    moved in now. Everything looking good (post some pics later) except for the floor.

    No creaks and the floor is tightly fit together, just not truly flat throughout. The hallway concrete also is not flat throughout. Anyone know what is the Tarion stds for this matter?

    Hating my parking spot. I'm closer to the M2 elevator. Chit chatting with another tenant , he told me , the reason could be due to purchase of a locker and needing to be closer to that.

    Anyone have any luck changing spots or trading spots? If any M2 tenant hates their spot because its near M3 elevators, maybe we can workout a deal
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    Some pics of my place.

    Best part is the 9ft ceiling. Good times ahead

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    Yaz, looks like my unit!! We have the same kitchen upgrades - floor tiles and cabinets and similar white backsplash. I like your bathroom shower tiles. I stuck with white and now regret it.

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    Looks nice Yaz, the tiles you have in your main entrance are the ones I have for my ensuite bathroom. It looks like we have the same laminate flooring too, but it's a bit hard to tell. I got a tumbled marble backsplash, and it's not as nice as I thought, I should have stuck with the basic white subway tile that Brent kept pushing.

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    Just checking out The Behar Group's website, and they updated the retail ad again for April...
    March: http://thebehargroup.com/wp-content/...Mar.6.2012.pdf
    April: http://thebehargroup.com/wp-content/...ril-5.2012.pdf

    Nothing added but: The northernmost 2 units in M4 were leased in March, and now they're not.

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    Just to ask again, has anyone had success changing their parking spots other than the reasons of disability??? Trading is the only option right now

    I want to be closer to M3 elavators but really near M2 elevators instead. Any M2 resident who is closer to M3 elevators vs M2 elevators and wouldn't mind a trade, pm.

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    If you are in fact a valid holder of a 'special parking permit for persons with disability', you are ENTITLED to swap parking space as-of-right with the person currently assigned with the designated handcapped parking spot (whom 9 times out of 10 is not disabled) as per your condo declaration, you should check and arranage for this swap through the property manager
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