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Thread: Venice - Italy & Spain pt 3

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    Default Venice - Italy & Spain pt 3

    Part 1: Rome
    Part 2: Florence and Tuscany

    The Doge's Palace is a highlight of Venice if you're an art lover. The Higher Council Hall alone is worth the price of admission.

    Graffiti is absolutely everywhere in Italy. Trains, busy squares, high end stores...

    The only car in Venice. Awesome.

    In the not-so-touristy parts of the city, a lot of the streets look like this

    On to Madrid. Are all Eurostar trains as loud on the inside as this one?
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    Thanks for the pics!

    Just a question: why did you pick Italy and Spain? Seems like an interesting mix and probably not a common choice of pairings considering geography and travel options between the two countries.

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    It does seem like an odd pair doesn't it? I've always been interested in seeing Italy for the Roman history and Rennaissance art, and of course Italian culture. As for Madrid, I was visiting a girl.

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