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Thread: Forum Issues Since Relaunch (Jan 20, 2010)

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    Default Forum Issues Since Relaunch (Jan 20, 2010)

    New site is up and running. We haven't had a chance to test everything. So post any issues you have with the new site here and we'll see what we can do to fix them.


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    Glad things are up and running again!

    Is it possible to enable the forum to use the full width for widescreen monitors? about a quarter of the screen on the right side is blank right now

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    Would it be possible to change the colour of the icon of a new post from a light blue? It's hard to tell the difference between white and light blue.
    I'm referring to the icon beside a new post in a thread.

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    Just noticed there is a 10000 character limit to postings.


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    I hope I don't hurt any feels for saying this. The banner is very tacky and amateurish, it feels like I’m viewing a webpage back in the 90's. I think everything would look better if kept simple. Lose the picture and "welcome to our planet". Keep the red and white "urban Toronto" and the slogan underneath in a small font. I also can't believe more boards were added. This site only has 6k members, I don't think there is any reason for 24 boards.

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    The "go to first unread post" button doesn't work for me. It just brings me to the top of the last page.

    PS, nice work on the upgrade!
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    A few things...

    I agree with A. Badaraco about the "view first unread post" button not taking you to that post, but just the top of the page.

    The "Go" button beside the "Quick Navigation" drop down menu at the bottom of each thread should be added. The "Top" button is convenient, but still requires two clicks if returning to the same sub-forum.

    The envelope icon beside each thread in the sub-forums is rather annoying. It's very prominent for something that is basically useless. The "view first unread post" button should be more prominent than the small circle it currently is.

    I do like how I can view a single post from someone on my ignore list without having to remove them from ignore list just to read one post which may actually be informative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A. Badaraco View Post
    The "go to first unread post" button doesn't work for me. It just brings me to the top of the last page.
    This. I love that button.

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    Testing from the mobile version. Hello world.

    Looks good, although there may be an issue with the banner ad size.

    Last edited by waterloowarrior; 2010-Feb-26 at 04:22.

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    How do I switch back to the normal, non-mobile version?

    The only way I could find was to delete all the cookies from urbantoronto.ca and return to the page.

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    Im stuck in the mobile version. Every time I log into my account, I end up on the mobile version. I deleted my cache, history, and cookies and still cant get back to the normal version. You need a button to get back to normal from the mobile version.

    Also, selecting the mobile version from a blackberry isn't possible. The page does not refresh when you pick mobile from the drop down. An ok button should be able to solve that problem if possible.

    For now, I just want to be able to use the normal version again

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    im also stuck in the mobile version. any fix for this yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcaley View Post
    im also stuck in the mobile version. any fix for this yet?
    Have you guys tried going to your User Control Panel (http://urbantoronto.ca/usercp.php), then "Forum Settings", and changing your Default Skin there?

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    yea, i've tried that but that option does not exist.

    only available things to choose are:
    Private Messages
    Subscribed Threads
    Edit Signature

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    Yes, there is no option on the mobile version to switch back to the VBulletin version. I've searched everywhere.

    And while on the topic of the mobile version, the link to 'Forums' on the mobile version doesn't go anywhere. The only way to see posts is to see recent posts.

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