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OK. For some reason, it looks familiar. I lived three blocks from there on Thorncliffe Ave, from 1969 to 1977. Actually, if anybody has any pictures of what we called the "Lookout", I'd love to see that. It's the municipal "ending" of Chester Hill Road. It has a concrete & aluminum fence that stops on the hill right above the DVP. That view was my train set as a child. You can spend hours there just watching what's going on..."
Hi, new here. I just love reading this stuff! Thank you!

I have just moved into this area from Riverdale and been digging into various aspects of what used to be Chester, Todmorden, etc.

Can anybody help with a few questions please:

The lookout on Chester Hill Road: When was it actually built as a lookout? There's a stone wall there and a plaque but it's too worn to read. Also, does anybody have an idea when that astrology circle was painted on the asphalt?

Royal Drive: In doing some research on the Queen's first visit -- as a princess in Oct. 1951 -- she and Philip did an extended tour of the city via automobile. One of their stops was Riverdale Park (I found an old NFB film) and then they left via "Royal Drive." My best guess is that Royal Drive was the eastern end of Winchester which used to cross the valley and is now the on-ramp just west of Broadview to the DVP north. Can anybody confirm that? Or do I have it wrong?

Pottery Road: I recently encountered an older gentleman who grew up on Browning. He recalls Pottery Road as "Pothole Road" and claims that the "Queen's Cavalcade" rode on it in 1951. I can find no record of that. I am wondering if his memory is really of Royal Drive -- although I don't doubt his memories of cycling along Pottery Road. He does not recall it being moved south to where it is currently located at the end of Mortimer. However, another person, around 60, who grew up on Mortimer confirmed that it was moved and recalls playing in the abandoned Bellehaven Mansion. He also remembers the old Broadview Hotel surounded by a fence, as well as a blacksmith on the site of the current Sobey's.

For those who are interested, here's a link to that NFB film: http://www.nfb.ca/film/royal_journey The Riverdale Park sequence is at the 15 minute mark or so.