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Thread: View from the west - Future Render - Happy Holidays

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    Default View from the west - Future Render - Happy Holidays

    A leading magazine that examines Toronto life tracked me down in various forums and asked me to provide a future render
    for an upcoming issue, for proper compensation of course. One of the options I offered was an update on my old future view from Marina Del Ray.

    After they blew me off without so much as a courtesy call, I decided to continue work on the render with hopes of applause from dozens (rather than tens of thousands).

    I attach for your viewing pleasure:

    1. major slice of the original pano circa 2003/2004 from Marina Del Ray
    2. additions made - NOTE: I will eventually provide a project/status key to go with this however please feel free to play "where's Waldo" if you want to take a stab at identifying
    the additions. *obviously the status of 1 Bloor East will be cancelled with a note regarding Great Gulf's TBA project.
    3. the final render circa 2014 or so

    I've included some built project updates such as BMO recladding and new height for RioCan's Y/E property, but left out all the 20-30 storey things in Liberty Village.... the layers devoted to proposals in the
    entertainment district were just too... overwhelming. I've left out a couple dozen of others out of sheer weariness.

    Those little dabs of colour you see in this render... started out as actual elevations. Crazy but Seasons Greetings nonetheless.



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    Santa came early this year! Great work!

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    Leaving Rob Fordland before it is too late.


    Beautiful like always. Great job.

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    wow.amazing job.much respect.

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    Awesome, 3D!!!

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    Thanks so much for this!

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