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Thread: Thoughts on this condo layout

  1. Default Thoughts on this condo layout

    Hey guys... I was wondering if i could get your thoughts on this condo layout...

    what do you think of the space???
    what would you think about furniture layout??

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    I think it's a great use of space. I'm a big fan of kitchens flat against the wall. If you had a galley that you'd walk left into from the foyer it would really break up the space. This plan gives you 23'6" of length to work with.

    You could perhaps put a round table in that corner next to the bathroom to keep things wide open.

    You have different options with the living room. I'd probably put a couch against the long wall. But if you preferred to have a small rectangular dining table closer to the living area then you could put that to the side across from the sink in which case I'd suggest placing the couch against the short wall.

    Another idea is to put your TV in front of the window... most people don't consider this, but I've seen it work very well and you'll never have to worry about glare. Then your couch could have it's back towards the kitchen. Behind the couch you could have a long narrow table (forget what these are called) or a narrow chest of some sort behind the couch and aligned with the structural wall jetting out next to the counter.

    The bedroom is fairly long. I'd place the head of the bed against the window so that there is lots of room when you walk in.

    I'd say there's a lot you can do with this floor plan.
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    Which way does it face?

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    West to South West

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    what kind of furniture do you have / plan to get for the space?

    i'm not a fan of linear kitchens, but considering the floorplate, there isn't much of an option.

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    i dont' have any furniture yet... i'm thinking of a sectional couch... and i do have a 40" lcd

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    I think it's a great layout. You have the big walls for couches and (massive TV if you want). The space is smart and useable. I hate layouts with small tiny walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by extreme_snoopy View Post
    West to South West
    In that case, due to shorter days in winter months, it makes more sense to put the TV on the north wall (the TV is facing south).

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    i was thinking of putting the tv and entertainment system on the same wall the kitchen is on.... that way you don't see the wires and stuff when you walk in

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    This is Emerald City in North York, right?

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    This is World on Yonge in Thornhill

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