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Pickering GO Pedestrian Bridge
Pickering GO Station, Pickering
Developer: Metrolinx, Province of Ontario, Government of Canada

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Thread: Pickering Office Tower (LEED Silver 8s + 3?) + Pedestrian Bridge

  1. Default Pickering Office Tower (LEED Silver 8s + 3?) + Pedestrian Bridge

    Tied to the recent $30 million investment from the Province in infrastructure investments for Pickering. GO Parking expansion + Pedestrian Bridge (over the 401) + 132,000 square-foot LEED Silver Office Tower to be built together with a completion date of March 2011.

    No new renders of the tower or mention of architects. 20 Vic Management Inc. is the developer of the tower.


    3D Renders of the Bridge can be found here: http://newsdurhamregion.com/news/article/135222

    "It was also announced that GO Transit and 20 Vic are jointly building a parking structure at the base of the building that will increase the tower's height by an additional three storeys and provide more parking for GO customers."

    The tower had been announced earlier with a construction date of July 2009.


    Old render of Office Tower and Bridge


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    This is good news for Pickering and I'm honestly hoping for the best, but how much can we expect here? That said, the business park 'round the south-west side of Brampton has seen some decent buildings lately.

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    This is not a bridge - it is a monstrosity and an exercise in brutal design. It looks as though the support towers are going to need support themselves, because they are so heavy and ugly. Whoever designed this atrocity should be ashamed, very ashamed.

    ...by design

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    The bridge looks great. They can't satisfy everyone's tastes I guess.

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    I just don't see anything brutal about that bridge. Looks pretty decent, actually.
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    Looks like it would fit in well on the waterfront

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    *OH SNAP*

    It really is awful though.

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    Considering that it is in Pickering's downtown, on the 401, and attached to the GO station shouldn't the city speculate a bit and try and get this built a bit bigger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad Black View Post
    Looks like it would fit in well on the waterfront
    Yeah, but in Toronto you cant be calling that thing a tower.

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    Perfect for Pickering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automation Gallery View Post
    Yeah, but in Toronto you cant be calling that thing a tower.
    Is that jealousy I detect ...
    If I had a penny for every time someone asked me why I was looking up…

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    Quote Originally Posted by taal View Post
    Is that jealousy I detect ...
    Jealous of what, an 8 storey box.

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    From NRU Sept 16, 2009
    New bridge over 401

    The federal and provincial governments have committed $5 million each towards the construction of a fullyenclosed pedestrian bridge spanning Highway 401 in Pickering. The
    bridge will connect the Pickering GO Station with a planned office tower on the north side of the highway.

    The decade-old plans for the pedestrian connection were only made possible after an announcement in May that 20 Vic Management Inc. would be developing an office tower
    across the highway from the transit hub.

    The LEED-silver tower will include 122,000-sq.ft. of office space and 10,000-sq.ft. of retail and restaurant space, while at the same time reinforcing the city’s commitment to intensification. Downtown Pickering is identified as an urban growth centre in the provincial growth plan and Metrolinx has labelled the Pickering GO Station and surrounding downtown area an anchor mobility hub. (See NRU-GTA Edition, May 13.)

    GO Transit has also announced that it will build a $20 million, 5-space parking structure at the base of the new office tower. GO will own and operate both the bridge and parking garage and will be responsible for the construction, maintenance and operating costs for both structures.

    The office tower, parking garage and pedestrian bridge will be built concurrently, with an expected completion date in March 2011.

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    Wow - only $4 million per parking spot. Way to GO! I assume, finally, that this won't be a free GO lot.


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