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    Further to my last messages, As predicted - Craig White, instead of giving me the reply that I am entitled to simply deleted my comments without explanation. He can't defend deleting my original post so he simply deletes my request for an explanation ! I suppose the next thing he will do is ban me. Do you think that this is any way to treat a senior forum member? More importantly do you think that this is good for your business? Members are drawn to these sites when there is lively debate. I have seen time and time again Craig White snuff out lively debate when he doesn't agree with a post. Do you realize how many interesting members have left this site for good because of the moderation by Craig White? I don't know how much time you spend on this site - perhaps you don't see what is going on but you need to shake things up or your website stats will stay flat like they have the past year or so. Don't you want to grow this site?
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    PART 3:
    If I was in fact "yelling" i.e. typing in all caps, or using actual swear words OR attacking forum members your actions would have been justified - but I wasn't!

    Just because you don't like what a person has written is not enough reason to delete a post. Remember the life blood of a forum like this is opposing viewpoints. Think about it. If every single forum member on this site agreed with each other there would be no purpose for this website. It would cease to be!

    I would be interested in hearing from other forum members who happened to see my post before it was taken down. Did anyone else find anything wrong with my post - other than the fact that you might have disagreed with my viewpoint? You can reply here or send a message to my in box.

    Here is a suggestion Craig. How about reinstating my post so that you can show me and other forum member where I contravened the rules of conduct, what exactly about my posted warranted its deletion and a threat leveled at me?
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    There was absolutely nothing in my post that was a contravention of the rules of conduct of this forum, so tell me Craig, what was the reason that you deleted my post and threatened me ? Was it because I was critical of the local councilor? As a senior member I think I have a right to know why my post was removed and worse, why was I, a senior member who has made many valuable contributions to this site over the years threatened with a ban?

    As a senior member I take great offense at being threatened and having my post unjustly removed!

    Remember, this website would not exist without the unpaid contributions of members like me. What started as a hobby is now a money making venture. I don't know how much money UrbanToronto makes but clearly enough to cover some rent and pay some staffers - none of this would be possible without the unpaid contributions of members like me!
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    Ed, Here is my rebuttal to Craig White (in case it gets deleted from the forum)


    I am very familiar with the "rules of conduct pinned to the top".

    Yes, the rules forbid "yelling" which in internet netiquette is described as typing entire sentences in all caps. I did not do that! I did not type in all caps (I'm not sure I even typed one word in all caps).

    I did boldface some words. Please tell me Craig, where in the rules is that forbidden? Since when has bolding a word been considered "yelling" in internet "netiquette".

    Swearing? Please tell me Craig, what swear word did I use? There were no swear words in my post and I find it offensive that you would accuse me of "swearing".
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    Ed, I am msg you directly because one of my posts in the 50 bloor west thread was deleted for absolutely no valid reason. He claimed that I was "yelling" and "swearing" when in fact I did no such thing. I understand the need for mods on a discussion forum but it does not serve you well - as the owner or this website - to have moderators censoring senior members who have made valuable contributions over the years just because they don't agree with their opinion.

    I have asked Craig to repost my comments and point out exactly where I contravened the rules such that the post deserved to be deleted and a threat leveled at me. If he can't do this he owes me an apology!

    "Peepers, Buildup, Kris: your posts have been deleted because they include yelling (all caps or bolding), and swearing. Do that again, and you'll find yourself on holiday from UrbanToronto. Read the Rules of Conduct pinned near the top of the Projects and Construction Forum"
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    HI Ed.

    Please read through the conversions in the thread "Concord Developments being sued". There are some misguided members who are starting rumors of foundations issues at CityPlace.

    I read in an another thread, that speculation is deleted on UT. Please read through, the persons source is " i heard from councilor Vaughan". When in fact, I have been to every AGM and read the minutes on my board meetings. i can assure you that there are no foundation issues in my building, Much of the talk in that thread are of foundation issues, when in fact that is not true!

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Ed,

    I am a big fan of UrbanToronto since 2006. I actually use my account together with my husband, who also became a true every day visitor to your site. We have more then 150 brand new condo brosures collection since 2005- utill now. We have all downtown projects in colorful booklets. Name a few big ones such as Trump Tower or Four Seasons Residence to small boutiques condos in downtown area. They are all in mint condition and may be represent some informational or designer value in there. We would like to post a thread in regards to sell them, as the collection became very huge and we have no storage for it. We would take some symbolic price for it for good luck or best offer. (I made a pictures of each of them and also can obtain it if it's needed)
    Olga and Glen.
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    Hi Ed,
    i have just registered on urbantoronto and can not start my own thread because I do not have 25 posts.
    I would like to start thread to get feedback on my website www.torontosim.ca.
    It is simple toronto budget simulator.
    Let me know if this is possible (to open a thread)
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    Just a note about the typo in your recent caption: "More on the West Donlands here."

    West Don Lands - three words!

    I once lived on Donlands Ave., so the distinction is important.
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    Hi Ed,

    A quick suggestion: is it possible to place a thumbnail of, and link to, the official rendering of a building on every page of that respective building's thread? It could be similar to the "photo of the day" link at the top of the site. I think most forumers, especially newcomers, would appreciate this. We won't have to fish through old pages or continually repost the rendering.
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