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  1. Ontario "Network Southwest" mass transport improvement plan

    Quote Originally Posted by Long Island Mike View Post

    I found a link and report to the Southwest Ontario Transport Alliance ...

    Thoughts anyone?

    It's practical, it's realistic, and it's doable. It addresses (without pointing fingers) very real barriers to moving forward. The benefit for the amount spent would be substantial.

    After reading this paper I had to admit I may be overly harsh on Metrolinx. One realises in comparison just how muzzled VIA is by politics ...
  2. Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    Here's another one of those arc-lamps -- at King/Church

    And one of the power plants that supplied the electricity (before the availability of Niagara power).

    Name:  King-Church electric light pre 1900.JPG
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    Name:  Toronto electric power c.1897.JPG
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  3. The Mystery Tunnel near Rexall Centre


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  4. 404/DVP - overpass overview

  5. Here and There - missing links, pt. 3

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