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  1. Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

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    Here's another one of those arc-lamps -- at King/Church

    And one of the power plants that supplied the electricity (before the availability of Niagara power).

    Name:  King-Church electric light pre 1900.JPG
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    Name:  Toronto electric power c.1897.JPG
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  2. The Mystery Tunnel near Rexall Centre

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    I haven't been following the story but immediately i wondered if some crazy dug it as a place to rape students. There was a movie (i think "lovely bones") where the rapist uses a hole in the ground. Either I have watched too many movies or have read too many York university rape reports.
  3. 404/DVP - overpass overview

  4. Here and There - missing links, pt. 3

  5. Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

    If you guys have seen any of the "cycling armies" that literally take over the roads in this area of Halton, then you might not question this location of a major cycling facility.
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