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  1. Despite what Ford says The Streetcar in Toronto is here to stay.

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    Did the subway extension of BD line to Sheppard ever actually get fully funded? I was under the impression the city still needed to find money for it. I know the province chipped in but it didn't cover the entire cost and the city was implementing a tax increase but dunno if it was actually set and confirmed.

    Yes it did, the whole issue dominated the papers for a good month. The 900 million needed is funded through increased property taxes.
  2. E Condos (8 Eglinton E @ Yonge, Bazis/Metropia/RioCan, 38 + 64s, Varacalli)

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    Friendly cyber-bet that if this project even goes ahead (no better than 50/50 odds in my mind) that the occupany dates commence at minimum 1 year+ after they promise? It will be fun to prove you in 2020!
    What's with all the negativity? This project will almost certainly go forward even if its just because of the location. I can't see any reason to believe otherwise and your constant negativity could almost be construed as negative advertising. Do you work in the industry? Do you
  3. Eau du Soleil (2183 Lake Shore Blvd W, Empire, 66 + 45s, Zeidler/EI Richmond)

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    I agree with you. Also that metal decoration strip that runs vertically had better be made with a good weather proof material that can last many years. Otherwise it will be an expensive eye sore. I hope the architects have experience with this. I don't want to be stuck with this repair years later.
    Only in toronto will people complain about architectural features because they are concerned about replacing them half a century from now.
  4. Subway/Transit Maps Thead (including fantasy maps)

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    Not sure if this belongs here or not, but I thought this looked interesting. Thank you to Spacing for the Toronto Maple Leafs subway map (http://spacingtoronto.ca/2012/11/20/...-a-subway-map/).

    Name:  Maple-Leaf-City-Subway-800x1024.jpg
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    LOL at "Stanley cup line construction postponed indefinitely"
  5. is this a new forum feature or something?

    is this a new thing where forumers can create their own mini blogs or something? I don't remember this section being here before.