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2006-Jul-18, 02:41
I was walking on Queen West at McCaul, when I came across this plastic, blue garbage can which seemed to be abused already. Dispite the somewhat lame slogans printed on the box, (which seem reminiscant of the pathetic anti-litter campaign of the TTC) someone had still managed to dump some McDonald's fries on the sidewalk infront of it.





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2006-Jul-18, 03:49
Wow, it looks like a cheap toy. That ain't how you do street furniture.

2006-Jul-18, 03:59
I hate it, however I'll take it for now.

Until 2008/2009 when the new stuff arrives, we need to continue to keep our streets clean. I much rather have this thing than what we currently have out there now.

It is so simple and practical in so many ways:

It's big and blue like a recycling box and instead of advertising has nice City of Toronto "Clean Beautiful City" Slogans and Logos.

It's plastic which makes it easier to clean.

It's looks virtually impossible to post any posters off the side of that thing with the rows of groves.

It has a curved roof, which makes it harder to leave trash on top of it.


2006-Jul-18, 04:37
It's probably a legacy project from David Miller, since all the new bins have "Clean City" plaques attached to them. Even if Miller gets voted out of office, whenever you walk by these bins you can tell that Miller put them there.

Not the best of bins, but I think they're more acceptable than the megabins.

2006-Jul-18, 05:17
That sounds a bit conspiratorial wylie. Maybe it's just a garbage bin.

2006-Jul-18, 12:40
The design can use some improvements, but I second FM - it's functional and looks like it could do the job. It's also recognizable among the street clutter.


2006-Jul-18, 12:57
Personally, I hate it. But I'm glad its only a temporaty solution. For some reason blue plastic makes me nausious. I like the shape and design but the materials/colour are dissapointing and remind me of Porta-pottys. I think they could have done alot better job with this one.

2006-Jul-18, 13:27
Why can't they figure out to make a trash bin with the opening on top. Most of the time i see people trying to throw garbage into the sides because they dont want to touch that garbage juice which covers all around the opening.

2006-Jul-18, 14:24
But I'm glad its only a temporaty solution. For some reason blue plastic makes me nausious.
The blue plastic was likely chosen specifically to ensure it is a temporary solution.

Temporary solutions that are "good enough" tend to become permanent solutions simply due to a lack of motivation to change it.

2006-Jul-18, 14:56
Take a picture of the same bin, say, a week from now. Let's run a pool to see how much graffiti and posters are put on it, and whether it's overflowing or not.

building babel
2006-Jul-18, 17:03
Miller's regime has had almost three years to prove that it can deliver on his supposed commitment to good design ... and we end up with this.

2006-Jul-18, 18:01
Maybe they chose blue because that's the colour people associate with recycling (like blue boxes).

2006-Jul-19, 02:28
Also seems like a little Giles Gilbert Scott tribute in the design (London's red phonebooths)

2006-Jul-19, 06:35
I would like to see a smaller, more practical version of the current bins downtown (the ones that are metal painted black with the decorative metal on the sides)

2006-Jul-21, 06:39
That blue garbage bin looks ridiculous. Is Fischer-Price making garbage bins now because it does look like the plastic toys are made of.

That "Clean City, Beautiful City" slogan reminds me of the English version of a Chinese slogan or restaurant name. Beijing 2008 changed their slogan to "One World, One Dream" which is a decent slogan but the one they were using previously "New Beijing, Great Olympics" seems on par with "Clean City, Beautiful City".

2006-Jul-21, 14:16
The burghers of Toronto don't have a lot of style or taste, unfortunately.

2006-Jul-22, 14:38
What is more confusing is on Queen W I noticed a beige garbage bun similar to this one with the City of Toronto logo on it. It was full of course.

2006-Aug-11, 14:18
Giant garbage bins trashed in Riverdale


The giant Eucan garbage bins that first appeared on Riverdale streets a year ago will be around for just a short while longer - but city officials say they'll be gone by the end of next week, following a request from local Ward 30 Councillor Paula Fletcher (Toronto-Danforth) to get them out of the ward.
Their departure comes a week late so far as Fletcher is concerned - she'd been assured at a July 5 works committee meeting that the bins would be gone within a month, and this week she was visibly annoyed that the bins were still there.

But according to Robert Orpin, Toronto's director of collections for the south and west district, there was some confusion as to whether there needed to be a motion by council to remove the bins, which were put in place as a part of a three-month pilot project last year.

"Our understanding was, it was...30 days from the end of when council approved this thing," said Orpin. "We're working to get them out - we can remove them but we don't want to remove them until we have a replacement bin to come in behind them."

Later Wednesday, Orpin said he'd received a commitment from Eucan to remove the bins next week.

The agreement with Eucan was originally that the cans, with large advertisements attached to them, would be put in place for a three-month trial period and then removed on a local councillor's request.

Fletcher said that in Riverdale the reception has been uniformly poor.

"I've received a lot of e-mails from people very, very happy that the bins were going to be removed, and the Danforth Business Improvement Area has asked that they be taken out for the Taste of the Danforth," said Fletcher.

Dave Cunningham, chair of the Danforth BIA, said the bin on the south side of the Danforth at Playter Street has been nothing but trouble for pedestrians and businesses alike.

"We hate them," he said.

"There are numerous reasons. One is the placement across the sidewalk blocks too much sidewalk for foot traffic; it also leaves half of the bin's capacity out at the curbside, which doesn't make sense. The bins are always overflowing so I'm assuming they have very limited garbage capacity… It's nice that it has an ashtray but one redeeming quality doesn't make up for the shortfalls."

"We're working to get them out - we can remove them but we don't want to remove them until we have a replacement bin to come in behind them."

If those are the replacements don't even bother.

building babel
2006-Aug-11, 14:41
The sudden rash of little blue bins everywhere, with their Miller-esque Clean City Beautiful City logos, have more to do with Big Dave's re-election campaign than anything else, surely?

2006-Aug-11, 16:06
its the same problem each time.

The litter and recycling slots are too small.

This is why things spill when depositing or stack up on top.

building babel
2006-Aug-11, 16:17
You can almost chop your fingers off with the hinged lid of the green bin if you're not careful. The relationship between the loopy handle and the lid of the little fawn coloured kitchen food bin the city gave out is also poorly thought out, functionally. For all the talk coming out of city hall in the past three years about the importance of good design they've shown little awareness of how it can be harnessed to improve our lives.

2006-Aug-11, 19:46
Why can't they figure out to make a trash bin with the opening on top. Most of the time i see people trying to throw garbage into the sides because they dont want to touch that garbage juice which covers all around the opening

Exactly! It's so obvious, why haven't they figured it out? How frustrating.

2006-Aug-11, 21:37
people dont want to reach-in, they want to drop-in garbage and recycling.

2006-Aug-11, 23:40
To clarify the concerns of some of the posters in this thread: The Blue garbage bins are temporary solutions as the OMG contract is about to expire and an inexpensive solution had to be found until a permanent bin is chosen.

Remember that the city is going to award a contract for bins, newspaper boxes, benches, streetlights, and other forms of street furniture to one contractor in a bid to bring consistency and good design to our streets. Since this process is still ongoing, what would be the point to award OMG with another contract if their bins will be removed in the coming year anyway?

EDIT: I've been told by a councillor insider that these blue boxes are rented and will be returned once the new permanents bins are in place.

2006-Aug-11, 23:50
Re: dumping garbage vertically, unfortunately this breeds lazy garbage practices. People don't think about where they have to put their refuse so they just dump it all in one bin.

I saw this in action with the Mega Bins. Because there was a large vertical receptacle for garbage and a doored recycling port on the wall of the bin, most people would simply drop all their garbage, recyclable or not in the one bin.

The silver OMG bins have been extremely successful at getting people to separate their trash from their recyclables because all 3 containers are treated equally. When confronted with 3 choices, people need to choose one so their extra 2 seconds at the bin to is used to find the right bin. Why would you spend 2 seconds to find out where to put your garbage and then use the wrong one? It's basic psychology.

My wishlist for a bin is that it is a garbage bin and not an advertising billboard, it must be placed in a logical position favoring good recycling practices and should be large enough to accommodate a pickup cycle without overflowing.
2 receptacles would suffice: Recyclables and Non-Recyclables. Period. If they have a third one for composts and a cigarette extinguisher, that'll be nice too, but not critically necessary.