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2006-Oct-25, 01:13
From Spacing Wire:

It seems neighbourhood groups are constantly fighting bad reps. Dispelling stereotypes isn’t always easy. Take the experience of Active 18, for example — despite repeatedly saying they’re open to good development in their neighbourhood, they haven’t been able to escape being called NIMBYs in the media.

Active 18 have now taken to calling themselves YIMBYs (Yes, In My Back Yard) and they’re inviting other neighbourhood associations from across the city to join them this Saturday at the Gladstone Hotel to help drive home the message that community organizations aren’t always anti-development.

Though admittedly, there are some bad eggs (take, for example, those groups who have fought much needed social housing), a good number of neighbourhood associations are often full of good ideas. It’s often these groups that question why the City doesn’t stick to its official plan and zoning bylaws. And while politicians and media critics seem to be overly focused on shadowing effects and architecture (important components of development, but only a fraction of the overall picture), residents are asking questions such as, why such a large percentage one-bedroom units are being built and whether there’s enough park space for all the people a new development will bring into the area.

Called the YIMBY festival, Saturday’s event is an opportunity for neighbourhood organizations to mix, mingle and share strategies, and for municipal candidates, as well as developers and the media to come out to hear different groups’ ideas and concerns.

From the YIMBY festival website:

As Toronto continues to densify and our neighbourhoods get larger and more complex, how does the citizen express hope, dreams and new ideas for the city? Through the neighbourhood group!!!

The focus of this festival is on positive change. The upcoming election brings galvanized energy and ideas to municipal politics. As much as neighbourhoods get unfairly labeled as NIMBY, we know YIMBYs to be the instruments of some of the best urban policy and ideas.

The event is family-friendly and open to all. Here are the details:

Saturday October 28, 2006
Gladstone Hotel, 2nd Floor
Free Admission

YIMBY Festival Website (http://www.gladstonehotel.com/yimbyfestival.htm)