View Full Version : 10 cooling-off period??? HELPPP

2011-Feb-09, 18:48
I signed my contract on Jan 31th, but then, I didnt receive all the copies until Feb 2nd. I think the vendor sent the offer to my agent first (maybe around Feb 1st), and then my agent gave the offer to me on Feb 2nd. Anyone knows what date is my 10 cooling-off period starting ?

2011-Feb-09, 19:04
Hi cityzero

The wording governing the start of the cooling-off period is:

within 10 days of the later of:

* the date that the purchaser receives the disclosure statement; and
* the date that the purchaser receives a copy of the agreement of purchase and sale duly executed by the declarant and the purchaser.

If you received the disclosure and executed agreement on Feb 1, then it's within 10 days of Feb 1.
Which gives you til the 10th of Feb to cancel.

Hope this helps.

2011-Feb-09, 20:13
if you're truly concerned, get confirmation date in writing by the builder.

2011-Feb-10, 18:16
If you need an extension you can also get the builder to give this to you in writing.