Crosstown LRT: Oakwood Station

Oakwood Crosstown Station, image courtesy of Metrolinx

The Oakwood Crosstown station will be underground. Headwall construction to accommodate an underground station is currently underway.

Headwalls are temporary support walls for future excavation of the stations. For the Crosstown, the headwalls will be made of concrete and will be installed in the ground to the depth of the future track level (between 16-20m in most cases). To install the headwalls, drill rigs and other equipment will be used, similar to what is seen on condominium foundation construction around the city.

There will be two entrances at Oakwood station: the primary entrance will be at the north corner of Oakwood and Eglinton; and the secondary entrance will be on Eglinton just west of Oakwood.

The Crosstown will connect to the Ossington TTC bus.

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