Continental Ventures Realty

Continental Ventures Realty

Continental Ventures Realty is a leader in the commercial and residential real estate industry, with over two decades of experience in development, property management and ownership. The company’s vision, innovation and commitment to quality create properties of the highest distinction.

The firm’s breadth of professional experience and financial expertise allow the company to identify an opportunity, move quickly to secure investments, and transform a prospective project into reality–in record time. CVR has a solid reputation for creating substantial economic return on investment for its partners, through strategic long term growth plans that address risk and profitability.

From start to finish, Continental Ventures Realty achieves this level of excellence by employing the best development professionals, using the finest building materials and finishes available in their field, and utilizing cutting-edge technology. Constant testing, analysis and redesign of building protocols consistently produce strong financial results.

Company information

641 Lexington Avenue, 24th Floor,, New York, NY 10022, United States
+1 (646) 202 9674


3C Waterfront

3C Waterfront Project in Lower Don Lands in Downtown Toronto
Toronto development site. Including condos, office and retail. By Castlepoint Realty Partners, Continental Ventures Realty and Cityzen Development Group. go to project