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 Below Grade Activity Heating Up at Yonge & Rich Condos Site
 Photo of the Day: Yonge and Eglinton Skyline
 Worsley's Totem Condos Taking Shape on Dundonald Street
 Less is More: The Evolution of Toronto's Booming Hotel Industry
 Throwback Thursday: 83 Redpath Avenue
 Photo of the Day: FIVE Condos
 Photo of the Day: One Bloor East
 Exterior Details Materializing for E Condos at Yonge and Eglinton
 Throwback Thursday: Festival Tower and tiff Bell Lightbox
 Podium Levels Being Formed for Greenland's King Blue Condos
 Parking Levels Take Shape at Riverside Square Development
 Next Canary District Condo Plans Presented For Design Review
 ELAD's Dror Duchovny Talks Community-Building at Emerald City
 Throwback Thursday: Pears on the Avenue
 Photo of the Day: Ryerson Jarvis Residence
 The Point: New WZMH-Designed Tower Joins ELAD's Emerald City
 Trio of Residential Towers Rising at Dundas and Jarvis
 Backstage on The Esplanade Joins An Evolving Downtown Strip
 One Bloor: McEwan Joins Yorkville's Experiential Retail Roster
 Throwback Thursday: King and Charlotte
 Photo of the Day: The ROM and Exhibit Residences
 Emerald City's 'The Point' to Punctuate Growing Community
 Worsley's Totem Condos Rising Above Dundonald Street
 E Condos Grows Taller as Cladding Installation Reveals Details
 Massive Pit Forms at Richmond and Victoria Site of Yonge & Rich
 Previewing the Amenities for The Peak at Emerald City
 Throwback Thursday: King Street West
 Photo of the Day: Bloor-Yorkville Sunset
 Photo of the Day: Rush Hour
 Photo of the Day: One Bloor East
 Rise Condos Growing Tall at Bathurst and St. Clair
 One Tower Approved, One Left Behind on Widmer Street
 Throwback Thursday: Market Wharf
 A First Glimpse at Davpart's Avro Condominiums in Downsview
 E Condos Making Significant Progress in Midtown Toronto
 Growth to Watch For 2017: Downtown Toronto Core
 Growth to Watch For 2017: Downtown Toronto North
 Growth To Watch For 2017: Jarvis and Church Corridors
 Crane Installed at Site of Streetcar's Riverside Square
 Growth To Watch for 2017: Bloor-Yorkville and Rosedale
 Development Temporarily Turns Dundas Street into a Causeway
 Growth to Watch For 2017: Midtown—Eglinton to St. Clair
 Excavation Carves Out Footprint for Great Gulf's Yonge & Rich
 60-Storey Core Architects Design Launches Mississauga's M City
 Growth to Watch for 2017: Beaches, Leslieville, & The Danforth
 50-Storey Residential Tower Proposed on Jarvis Street
 Streetcar's The Southwood Taking Shape in The Upper Beach
 Growth to Watch for 2017: North Scarborough
 Throwback Thursday: Living Shangri-La
 Growth To Watch For 2017: North York Centre and Willowdale
 Photo of the Day: Bloor-Yorkville Aerial
 Three Towers Progressing at ELAD's Emerald City in North York
 48-Storey Condo To Replace 8-Storey Condo at Yonge & Eglinton
 Photo of the Day: Musée and oneeleven
 Growth To Watch For: Dupont, the Junction, and St. Clair West
 Photo of the Day: Yonge and Bloor's Towers
 Growth to Watch For 2017: South Etobicoke
 Throwback Thursday: Globe and Mail Centre
 Photo of the Day: Birds Over Bloor-Yorkville
 Growth To Watch For in 2017: Entertainment District
 Throwback Thursday: Karma Condos on Grenville Street
 Photo of the Day: Yonge and Dundas
 Photo of the Day: EY Tower and INDX Condos
 Photo of the Day: Bloor-Yorkville Skyline
 Photo of the Day: Exhibit Residences
 Topping Off: UrbanToronto's Hottest Forum Threads of 2016!
 Topping Off: UrbanToronto's Hottest dataBase Files of 2016!
 UT Readers Select the Best Buildings Opened in 2016
 Developer Seeks More Density for Third Block at Emerald City
 Demolition Clearing Yonge Street Site of Whitehaus Condos
 Photo of the Day: One Bloor East
 Previewing the Public Realm at 75 on The Esplanade
 More Condos Could Transform Queensway in South Etobicoke
 Photo of the Day: Avenue and Bloor
 Throwback Thursday: Roy's Square and One Bloor East
 CentreCourt's INDX, Karma Chart Evolving Approach to Amenities
 UPDATE: Canary District: Block 16 Hits Waterfront Design Review Panel
 Photo of the Day: Bloor Street Canyon
 Below Grade Structures Taking Shape at King Blue Condos
 Trio of High-Rises Changing Face of Jarvis and Dundas
 Throwback Thursday: North View from Mutual Street
 M City: 15 Acres of Change in Mississauga's Evolving Downtown
 Revamped Proposal for 75 on The Esplanade Comes Online
 Exhibit Residences a Spitting Image of its Rendering
 Photo of the Day: Autumn Waterfront Scene
 Photo of the Day: One Bloor East
 II BY IV-Designed Amenities Impress at oneeleven Condominiums
 Photo of the Day: Exhibit Residences
 Construction Reaches Podium Levels at Canderel's YC Condos
 Tux Condos Redesigned; to Become Rental Apartments
 Shoring Activity in Full Swing at Site of Yonge & Rich Condos
 Photo of the Day: The Ritz-Carlton
 Photo of the Day: Foggy Morning
 Exhibit Residences: New Landmark on Bloor West?
 4800 Yonge Assessed for Refinement at Design Review Panel
 Canary District: Checking in on Toronto's New Neighbourhood
 10-Tower M City to Rise on 15 Acres at Mississauga City Centre
 Diamante's 30-Storey Tower Joins Growing North York Corridor
 Photo of the Day: One Bloor Sunrise
 Previewing the Features and Finishes at Adi's Nautique
 Photo of the Day: Above Yonge and Bloor
 Throwback Thursday: View from Roundhouse Park
 The Interview: Chris Harhay's Mid-Rise Portfolio Grows Up
 Flash Forward Friday: EY Tower and INDX
 Viewfinder: Midtown Toronto
 Demolition Wipes Slate Clean for Two Dundas & Jarvis Towers
 Photo of the Day: Downtown Density
 Flash Forward Friday: The Changing Face of Toronto's One Bloor East
 Livable Condo Suites at Adi's Nautique Maximize Space
 Photo of the Day: Karma Condos
 Province Moving Ahead with Dufferin Street Bridge Widening
 Penthouses at Whitehaus Make For Spacious Homes in the Sky
 One Bloor East: Tower Levels Coming Together at City's Tallest
 Demolition Paving Way for Gupta's Dundas Square Gardens
 One Bloor East: Podium Levels Take Shape at Yonge and Bloor
 Exhibit Residences' Shifting Design Shapes Up on Bloor West
 16-Storey Development Proposed at Bathurst and Eglinton
 Photo of the Day: Sunset Silhouette
 Ground Breaking Celebrates Construction at Fifth on the Park
 Throwback Thursday: View From Toronto City Hall's Green Roof
 Visualizing Great Gulf's Completed One Bloor East
 Suites Selling Out at Adi's Nautique Lakefront Residences
 Throwback Thursday: Yonge and Eglinton
 Lots of Progress on Streetcar's Broadview Hotel Restoration
 Previewing Harhay and Carttera's 75 On The Esplanade
 Burlington: A Glimpse Into the Suites at Nautique
 Throwback Thursday: Toronto Skyline From St. Clair
 Amenities Coming Together at oneeleven Condominiums
 Second Level Underway at South Tower of Toronto's E Condos
 Photo of the Day: Xpression Condos
 Decade of Development to Transform Etobicoke's Queensway
 Colours of Emerald City Rises Above Grade in North York
 Flash Forward Friday: Toronto's Canary District and Park Condominiums
 Inside the II BY IV-designed Lobby at Harhay's oneeleven
 The Esplanade: Touring the Changed—and Changing—Street
 Photo of the Day: Podium
 Throwback Thursday: Skyline View from the Bathurst Bridge
 New Renderings Highlight the Design and Context at Nautique
 Shoring Underway as Demolition Continues for Riverside Square
 Photo of the Day: One Bloor East
 Inside the Model Suites at Harhay's oneeleven Condominiums
 Photo of the Day: Bloor-Yorkville Sunrise
 E Condos' South Tower Reaches Grade at Yonge and Eglinton
 Throwback Thursday: Jarvis and Charles
 Photo of the Day: Karma Condos
 A First Look at the Interiors of Streetcar's The Southwood
 New Phases Adding to ELAD's Emerald City Community
 Photo of the Day: Bat Signal Crane
 Photo of the Day: Bloor-Yorkville Skyline
 Westinghouse Building Facades Cut from Surrounding Structure
 New Rendering Highlights Evolved Design of 75 on The Esplanade
 MEC Store and Townhomes Rising at Bessarion Station
 Video Highlights Design Details of Nautique Lakefront Residences
 Photo of the Day: Double Vision
 Growth to Watch For in 2016: Downtown Toronto
 Growth to Watch For in 2016: Downtown Toronto North
 Throwback Thursday: Bay Street North of Queen
 Growth to Watch For in 2016: Bloor-Yorkville
 Touring Toronto's New Canary District
 The Canary District: Toronto Gains a New Neighbourhood in April
 Plaza's Musée Condos Moves Closer to Completion on Adelaide
 Growth to Watch For in 2016: The Jarvis and Church Corridors
 Design Review Panel Questions Davpart's 1 Eglinton East Plan
 Whitehaus: New Renderings Elucidate Diamond Schmitt Design
 Lifetime and CentreCourt Celebrate the Topping Off of Karma
 Growth to Watch For: East of Downtown
 Amenities at Nautique Lakefront Residences Maximize the Views
 Toronto East of the Don: Growth to Watch for in 2016
 Growth to Watch For in 2016: Scarborough
 Checking In With Toronto's Second Tallest Condo Tower
 Retailer Announced as One Bloor East Construction Progresses
 First Glimpse at Suite Interiors at Whitehaus Condos
 North Yonge and Sheppard East: Growth to Watch For in 2016
 Locals Argue That Douglas Cardinal's 'Flower' Should Be Pruned
 A Moment of Equilibrium: Public Art Unveiled at Five St. Joseph
 Midtown Toronto: Growth to Watch For in 2016
 Karma and YC Condos Remaking Evolving Yonge and College
 Nautique Model Suite in Burlington Reflects Lake's Serenity
 Öko Skin Adding Warmth to Exterior of Streetcar's The Taylor
 St. Clair: Growth to Watch For in 2016
 Demolition Clearing Site for Riverside Square Development
 Whitehaus Condos Brings Creative Amenities to Yonge & Eglinton
 Below-Grade Levels Progressing for E Condos' South Tower
 Westinghouse Building Disassembly Underway at King Blue Site
 Grand Opening Announced for Nautique Lakefront Residences
 Etobicoke South: Growth to Watch For in 2016
 Photo of the Day: Muted City
 Southwest Toronto: Growth to Watch For in 2016
 Amenities Abound at Streetcar and Dream's Riverside Square
 Rising EY Tower Adds Angles to Downtown Toronto Skyline
 Site for Streetcar's The Southwood Cleared on Kingston Road
 Entertainment District: Growth to Watch For in 2016
 Topping Off December 2015: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 UT Readers Select Favourite Residential Buildings of 2015
 Photo of the Day: View from Theatre Park
 Whitehaus VIP Launch Offers First Glimpse of Scale Model
 Burlington's Nautique Gets Set for Grand Opening in New Year
 Local Opinion Divided on 45-Storey Condo Proposal at 411 Church
 Plaza's Musée Condos Reaching Final Height on Adelaide
 Photo of the Day: Alone at the Top
 Photo of the Day: Fort York Library
 Photo of the Day: Bay Street Vertigo
 Picasso Condos Gifts Panoramic Downtown Views
 Topping Off November 2015: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Touring INDX Condos with CentreCourt's Shamez Virani
 Toronto's Canary District Lining Up Retailers in Advance of Influx
 Westinghouse Building Prep Work Begins at King Blue Site
 Toronto Financial District Views Impress from INDX Condos
 Great Gulf Breaks Ground on 45-Storey Yonge & Rich Condo
 Whitehaus Condos to Add to Yonge and Eglinton's Vibrancy
 At the Top of Aura: Inside Canada's Highest Penthouses
 Starchitects Discuss Innovative Buildings at CTBUH Conference
 Canary District's MyHome Program Helps First-Time Buyers
 ELAD's Emerald City Continues to Grow with Fifth on the Park
 Adi's Nautique Lakefront Residences Hosts VIP Preview Launch
 First Public Consultation Held for 75 The Esplanade
 Shoring Work Prepares King Blue Site for Big Dig
 Massive Pour Creates E Condos Foundation at Yonge and Eglinton
 Lifetime's Whitehaus Offers Yonge and Eglinton Address
 Photo of the Day: Building Giants
 The Views From the Top: Touring One Bloor's Penthouse Suites
 Balconies, Glazing, and Climbing Great Gulf's One Bloor
 Inside the Tallest Building Under Construction in Toronto
 Revamped Riverside Square Bringing Public Space to Queen East
 Photo of the Day: Into the City
 Excavation Complete at Colours of Emerald City
 Following One Bloor's Concrete 76 Storeys Above Toronto
 Previewing the Retail Spaces at Great Gulf's One Bloor East
 Throwback Thursday: Front Street East
 The Southwood to Contribute to Kingston Road Transformation
 Lifetime Developments Hosting 'SMASHED' Charity Ping Pong Event
 Nautique: A Glimpse into Burlington's High-Rise Future
 Photo of the Day: Autumn Sunrise
 Better Access and Public Art Coming to Wellesley Station
 Winners Announced for 2015 OHBA Awards of Distinction
 The 10 Tallest Buildings Under Construction in Toronto
 Dundas Square Gardens Celebrates Ground Breaking Ceremony
 Streetcar's The Taylor Topped Off at Dundas and Carlaw
 Parkway Forest Community Centre Officially Opens
 Chaz Yorkville Condominiums Offer Extensive Designer Amenities
 Shoring Begins for King Blue Condos in the Entertainment District
 Crane Raised at E Condos Site at Yonge and Eglinton
 Throwback Thursday: FIVE Condos
 Streetcar's Carnaby Condos Transforming Queen and Gladstone
 Throwback Thursday: Bathurst and St. Clair
 Excavation Under Way at Site of Worsley's Totem Condos
 FIVE Condos Focuses on the Details as Construction Continues
 Throwback Thursday: Church and Isabella
 Photo of the Day: Emerald Park
 Another Parking Lot Bites the Dust as King Blue Site Fenced Off
 Emerald Park Condos Approaching Completion in North York
 Photo of the Day: Keeping Pace
 Photo of the Day: Golden Hour Skyline
 Throwback Thursday: Humber Bay Shores Skyline
 Pace Condos Now Topped-Off at Jarvis and Dundas
 Exhibit Residences Stacking Higher On Bloor Street West
 FIVE Condos' Unique Glazing Installed as Construction Progresses
 Broadview Hotel Rebuild Kickstarting Riverside Transformation
 King Blue Condos Sales Centre Relocates Pending Construction
 Throwback Thursday: Shuter Street
 Slate of New Mid-Rise Developments Transforming Kingston Road
 Pan Am Village Now, New Toronto Neighbourhood Next
 Drone Flight Over Toronto's Bloor-Yorkville Neighbourhood
 Four Seasons Officially Unveiled at Emerald City in North York
 Previewing the Unique Features of Greenland's King Blue
 Throwback Thursday: Bloor and Bedford
 Plaza's Musée Condos Progresses as Podium Taking Shape
 Ground Breaking At The Colours of Emerald City
 Great Gulf's One Bloor East Standing Tall at 63 Storeys
 INDX Condos Beginning to Impact Financial District Skyline
 Suites at Daniels' HighPark Preparing for Summer Occupancy
 Exhibit Residences Continue to Rise Across from the ROM
 Streetcar Developments' The Taylor Revealing its Form in Leslieville
 Pace Condos Approaching Top-Off at Jarvis and Dundas
 Unique Student Amenities Planned for CentreCourt's Grid Condos
 Cladding and Interior Work Progresses at Yorkville Condominiums
 Karma Condos Rises into Toronto Skyline as Glazing Installed
 ELAD Offering Special Incentives for Dream Tower at Emerald City
 Greenland Group Breaks Ground on King Blue Development
 North Tower and Rebuilt Subway Connection Coming to E Condos
 Gemterra's Love Condos Welcoming First Residents
 New Phases Answer Continued Demand at ELAD's Emerald City
 Greenland Group to Break Ground on King Blue Condos
 City of Toronto's Design Review Panel Tackles New Development
 Harhay and Carttera Propose 34-Storey Condo for Esplanade Site
 Victorian Townhome Facades Saved For 7 St. Thomas
 More Floors, More Cladding Shaping Great Gulf's One Bloor East
 Throwback Thursday: The Hudson at King and Spadina
 Plaza's Musee Reaches Grade as Oneeleven Continues to Rise
 Excavation and Demolition Ongoing at E Condos Site
 Toronto's Ten Tallest Buildings Now Under Construction
 Streetcar's The Taylor Rises Above Grade as The Carlaw Progresses
 Retailers Announced for Canary District in the West Don Lands
 Karma Condos Will Soon Add to the Yonge and College Skyline
 Topping Off March 2015: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Toronto East of the Don River: Growth to Watch for in 2015
 Great Gulf's Pace Condos Nearing Final Height at Jarvis and Dundas
 Cladding Starting to Make an Impact at Exhibit Residences
 Another Way to Take a Crane Down: Closing the Street for King +
 Chaz Yorkville's Crane Removed by a Succession of Derricks
 Throwback Thursday: Bloor and Balmuto
 Photo of the Day: Setting to the West
 One Bloor East Now Overlooking the Intersection of Yonge & Bloor
 Pan Am Athletes' Village Handed Over to TO2015 Organizers
 Throwback Thursday: Burano
 East of Downtown: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 Touring Trump: A Peek Inside the Luxurious Residences
 The Finishing Touches: Touring the Canary District
 Throwback Thursday: 100 Yorkville at Bellair
 The Carnaby Has Reached its Final Height on West Queen West
 Pan Am Village Legacy Discussed at Urban Land Institute Event
 Topping Off January 2015: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Musee and oneeleven Condos Continue to Rise Side-by-Side
 Church and Jarvis Streets: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 Throwback Thursday: MuseumHouse and Exhibit Residences
 Downtown Toronto North: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 Last Suites Available at ELAD Canada's Dream Tower at Emerald City
 FIVE Condos' Restored Yonge Street Facades Being Unveiled
 North York Centre and East: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 Bloor-Yorkville and Surroundings: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 St. Clair West from Yonge: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 Toronto Urban Land Institute Hosting Pan Am Village Panel
 Streetcar's Carlaw and Taylor Condos Rising In Leslieville
 Cranes Disappear from Bazis, Metropia and Plaza's Emerald Park
 Yonge and Eglinton: Growth to Watch For in 2015
 Topping Off 2014: Our Most Popular News Stories
 Topping Off 2014: Our Most Popular Threads
 Integrating Streetcar's Riverside Square within its Local Context
 The Carnaby Now Topping Off at Queen and Gladstone
 Throwback Thursday: Uptown Residences
 One Bloor East Wins International Development Award
 Artscape and City of Toronto Offering Affordable Units for Artists
 Ever More Construction Webcams Watch Over Toronto Projects
 Easton's Group Supporting Low-Income Families over the Holidays
 Plaza's Musee and Harhay's oneeleven Condos Progress Side-By-Side
 West Don Lands Nearly Ready for Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games
 INDX Condos Climbing into the Financial District Skyline
 Exploring Toronto from atop CHAZ.Yorkville Condos
 Throwback Thursday: One Bloor East
 Touring the Suites and the Club at the CHAZ.Yorkville Condo
 Yonge and Eglinton's E Condos Site Grows While Demo Continues
 Boutique Hotel to Transform Jilly's Site at Queen and Broadview
 Cladding Tests Under Way as Exhibit Residences Rises
 Two-Bedroom Opal Suite on View at ELAD's Emerald City
 Dundas Square Gardens Introduces the University Collection
 Cladding Installation Nearing Completion at Lifetime's Yorkville Condos
 A Heritage Base and Modern Peak Mark MOD's Five Condos
 Tower Floors Rising at INDX Condos in the Financial District
 The Crane Comes Down at Great Gulf and Lifetime's X2 Condos
 Streetcar's The Carlaw and The Taylor Growing in Leslieville
 Cities of the Future Exhibit Opens at Canary Park Sales Centre
 Excavation to Bottom Out at Plaza's Musee Condominiums
 CHAZ Yorkville Condos Nearing Final Height on Charles Street
 Cladding Covers Up the Mechanical Penthouse at X2 Condominiums
 MOD's FIVE Condos Tops Off at Yonge and St. Joseph
 Exterior Details Turn Up the Wow Factor as One Bloor East Grows
 Podium Levels Now Taking Shape at Exhibit Residences
 Streetcar's Riverside Square to Transform Queen Street East
 New Phases to Add on to ELAD's Emerald City Community
 Shanghai-Based Greenland Group Purchases King Blue Condos
 Sweeping Curves Impress at Great Gulf's Rising One Bloor East
 Easton's Group Boosts Local Culture Near Developments
 75 Mutual Joining Condo Developments near Dundas and Jarvis
 Karma Condos Rises Above Grade Near Yonge and College
 Streetcar's Carnaby Continues to Grow at Queen and Gladstone
 Construction Imminent for Totem Condos at Wellesley Station
 Council Greenlights Many New Developments Across Toronto
 Coming Soon: New Projects To Watch For In September 2014
 Podium Levels in Place at Lifetime's INDX Condos
 Shayne Dark's 'Double Take' Public Art Installed at X2 Condos
 Touring the Unique Interiors of CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Taking in the CHAZ CLUB and Views from the Bloor-Yorkville Condo
 Canary Park Condos Launching to the Public This Saturday
 New Promotions Being Offered for Dundas Square Gardens
 Touring Beaverhall and Graywood's Ocean Club Condos
 Work Progressing on Streetcar's The Carlaw and The Taylor
 Mechanical Penthouse Has A Great View At Ocean Club Condos
 Great Views at Graywood and Beaverhall's Ocean Club Condos
 Steel Roof Frame Continues The Curves Atop Emerald Park
 CHAZ Yorkville Continues To Make a Mark on Charles Street
 Construction Moves Above Grade at Exhibit Residences
 One Month of Work at Great Gulf's One Bloor East: July 2014
 Excavation Continues at Plaza's Musee and Harhay's One Eleven
 Lifetime's Karma Condos Approaching Grade on Grenville
 Toronto's 99th Public Library Now Open at Bathurst and Fort York
 Ken Tanenbaum of the Kilmer Group Talks Pan Am Athletes' Village
 Demolitions Clear Way for E Condos at Yonge and Eglinton
 Worsley's Totem Offers Condos with Wellesley Station Access
 Pugs Announce 2014 Winners and Talk Toronto vs. Chicago
 FIVE Condos Continues to Grow near Yonge and Wellesley
 Continued Progress at Emerald Park Condos in North York
 Ocean Club Condos Offering Luxury Living on Etobicoke Waterfront
 Aerial Views Illustrate Growth at Great Gulf's One Bloor East
 The Carnaby Offering Open Concept Loft Living on Queen West
 Streetcar's Carnaby Taking Shape at Queen and Gladstone
 Register to Attend Dundas Square Gardens' Preview this Saturday
 Hard Hat Tour of Topped-Off Peter Street Condominiums
 Demolition Clearing Way for E Condos at Yonge and Eglinton
  The Taylor Offers Luxury Living Inside and Outside of Its Doors
 RAIC Honours and Arban Photography for Hariri and Pontarini
 King Blue Condos put Residents in the Centre of it All
 Excavation Progressing for Plaza's Musee Condos in King West
 Hard Hat Tour through Lifetime and Great Gulf's X2 Condos
 A Trip to the Top of Great Gulf and Lifetime's X2 Condos
 Throwback Thursday: Temperance and Sheppard
 Photo of the Day: Spine of the City
 Taking in the Views from Lifetime's The Yorkville Condominiums
 Touring Lifetime's The Yorkville Condominiums
 INDX Condos Set to Climb into Financial Core Skyline
 Streetcar Developments Purchases Broadview Hotel on Queen East
 Residential Suites Taking Shape at Emerald Park Condos
 Photo of the Day: Balcony Art
 Checking Out the 2014 Pug Award Nominees
 Ocean Club Soon to Top Off on the Humber Bay Shores
 Emerald Park Offering a Wide Selection of Residential Amenities
 One Bloor East Podium Glazing Turning Heads at Yonge and Bloor
 Yorkville Condominiums' Cladding Continues to Impress
 Exhibit Residences Reaches Grade at Bloor and Avenue
 Emerald Park Condos Bringing Ample Retail to Yonge and Sheppard
 One Bloor East Continues To Rise at Yonge and Bloor
 Demolition Underway on Bazis' E Condos Site at Yonge and Eglinton
 Streetcar's The Taylor Lofts and Condos Launches This Weekend
 Demolition Imminent at Bazis' E Condos Site
 X2 Condos Reaching to the Sky at Jarvis and Charles
 Updated Renderings Released for River City Condos Phase 3
 Totem Condos Stacks Up Well Against Average High-Rises
 Rooftop Terraces A Feature of Special Suites at The Carlaw
 Topping Off March 2014: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 The Canary District: Toronto Gets a New Neighbourhood in 2016
 Dundas Square Gardens Development Results in Gift to Ryerson
 Cladding Appears as FIVE Condos Continues to Rise
 Construction at INDX Condos Reaches Grade Downtown
 Streetcar's The Taylor to Continue Dundas East's Transformation
 Touring Streetcar and Dundee's The Carlaw in Leslieville
 Touring CHAZ Yorkville Condos: Uniquely Angled Views
 Covering the Angles at the CHAZ Yorkville Construction Site
 Improving the Public Realm in Toronto's Financial District
 Cladding Making The Difference At The Yorkville Condominiums
 One Bloor East's Podium Moves Upward, Sees Glazing Installed
 Topping Off February 2014: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Photo of the Day: Gardiner Expressway
 Emerald Park Condos Making an Impact at Yonge and Sheppard
 Modern City Living on Offer at Streetcar's The Carlaw Loft Condos
 Renderings of The Taylor Lofts link Leslieville's Past to its Present
 Dundas Square Gardens Condo To Enliven Moss Park Area
 PSR's Photo Of The Day: End Of The Line
 The Taylor Continues Transformation of Dundas and Carlaw
 Topping Off January 2014: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Downtown Toronto: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 Streetcar and Dundee Continue to Reshape West Queen West
 Cladding Moves Up 45 Charles Street's CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 PSR's Photo of the Day: View From Market Wharf
 Douglas Coupland's 'Four Seasons' Enliven ELAD's Emerald City
 Touring Through ELAD Canada's Emerald City Phase 1
 Throwback Thursday: CBC's Skyline View Goes To The Ritz-Carlton
 West Queen West to Fort York: Growth to Watch for in 2014
 Southeast of Downtown: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 East and West of Downtown: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 Humber Bay Shores: Another Major Growth Area for 2014
 Downtown Toronto North: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 UPDATED: Bloor-Yorkville: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 Downtown East: Growth to Watch for in 2014
 Yonge and Eglinton: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 Fairview Branch Library Officially Re-Opens to the Public
 The King West Neighbourhood: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 Toronto's Entertainment District: Growth to Watch For in 2014
 E Condos Provides a Glimpse into the Future of Yonge and Eglinton
 A Year of High-Rise Progress at Yonge and Sheppard
 More than a Year of Progress at The Yorkville Condominums
 A Year of Progress at CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Concord CityPlace: A Year of Community Building
 Photo of the Day: Urban Umbrella
 Douglas Coupland Art Populating Downtown and Beyond
 Totem Condos Preserves and Builds Upon Modernist Design
 Ceremonial Topping Off For Pan Am Village in West Don Lands
 Ownership of Emerald City Condo Suites Made Easy
 Temporary Flying Buttresses Coming Down at FIVE Condos
 Streetcar Developments’ TWENTY Lofts Already Over 70% Sold
 Topping Off November 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 ELAD's Emerald City Tops Off at Don Mills and Sheppard
 Streetcar set to launch The Taylor in Leslieville this Spring
 Shape of Things to Come on Charles: New Angles on CHAZ Yorkville
 Construction Well Underway at Streetcar and Dundee's The Carlaw
 Harhay's oneeleven Brings Boutique Loft-Style to King West
 Application Submitted for Sheppard Centre Reno and Expansion
 Podium Taking Shape at Great Gulf's One Bloor East
 King Blue Condos: Integrating Urban Chic with Heritage and the Arts
 Bazis and Plaza's First 1 Yorkville Rendering Released
 Podium Taking Shape at CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Dramatic Views Predominate at ELAD's Emerald City Condos
 TWENTY Lofts Grand Opening Includes Bright Model Suites
 Emerald Park Towers Continue to Rise in North York
 Streetcar's Twenty Lofts Launches This Weekend
 Tower Now Visible as Construction Continues for FIVE
 UrbanToronto Photographer of the Week: Zach Balbino
 Talking Design with Diego Burdi of Burdifilek
 Work On Parkway Forest Community Centre Progressing Quickly
 Topping Off September 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Concord CityPlace Arrives at Bathurst with Newton Condos
 CHAZ Yorkville Condos Rising Above Charles Street
 Parkway Forest: Urban Thinking in the Suburbs
 Spectra Condos to add Colour to Toronto's Skyline
 New Renderings Released Prior to Launch of E Condos North Tower
 Buildings and Infrastructure in Pan Am Village Poised for Games
 Topping Off August 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 ELAD Canada's Emerald City Progressing at Don Mills and Sheppard
 CHAZ Yorkville Hits Ground Level and Heads Skyward
 The Changing Face of the Humber Bay Shores
 Broccolini's Park Towns Sells Out
 Westinghouse Lofts add to the mix at King Blue Condos
 X2 Condos Progressing at Charles and Jarvis Streets
 Condos and Community Space proposed for 200 Dundas East
 A Timeline of One Bloor East's Recent Progress at Yonge and Bloor
 bazinga!: Tech for the Condo of the Future (and present!)
 Towers Rising at Emerald Park Condos at Yonge and Sheppard
 Topping Off July 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Broccolini's Park Towns and MEC come to Sheppard at Bessarion
 Neighbourhood Node: Church-Wellesley Village
 A Hard Hat Tour of Graywood and MOD Developments' FIVE Condos
 8 Gladstone and Carnaby Row: Streetcar's Latest Well Underway
 The UrbanToronto dataBase Celebrates 500 Projects
 CHAZ Yorkville Condos Pushes Towards Grade
 Heritage Gets Some New Legs at Karma Condos
 Ashlar Urban Realty Announces Acquisition of Smith Company
 Lifetime's The Yorkville Condominiums Reaches Ground Level
 Topping Off June 2013: What Was Hot on UrbanToronto
 INDX Condos Excavation Gets Complicated
 New Community Centre at Don Mills and Sheppard Breaks Ground
 Bold Design Aims to Attract End-User Buyers at Yonge+Rich
 Library District Condos: Nature, Literature, and a Project Well Underway
 X2 Doubles Up the X-rating at Charles and Jarvis
 Concrete Rising at CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Great Gulf's One Bloor East Reaches Long Awaited Milestone
 Podium Construction Continues at Five St. Joseph
 45-Storey Tower to Replace Hilton Garden Inn at Dundas and Jarvis
 King Blue Promises Spectacular Downtown and Lake Vistas
 2221 Yonge Condos a Pei Paean to Early Modernism in Midtown
 Construction at Emerald Park Hints at Coming Retail Offerings
 Streetcar Developments Releases Urban Towns at The Carlaw
 Topping Off May 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Cooper Koo Family YMCA Topped Off in the West Don Lands
 The Pug Awards Looks at New Condominiums in Toronto
 Three Towers Rise at Emerald City Across From Fairview Mall
 Construction at Halfway Point in the West Don Lands
 Park Towns Make a Handsome Addition to Sheppard and Bayview
 Marie Antoinette Lets Them Eat Cake for CHAZ Yorkville
 Karma Condos Set To Soar Over Yonge And College
 Investments by Waterfront Toronto Paying Big Dividends for the Local Economy
 Topping Off April 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Emerald City Rising at Don Mills & Sheppard
 Lowest Level is Complete at CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Great Gulf's One Bloor Halfway to Street Level and Yonge and Bloor
 Construction Progressing on MOD and Graywood's FIVE Condos
 Emerald Park Condos Rising at Yonge and Sheppard
 Ballast Dedicated at Great Gulf's Charlie Condo
 A Look Inside Great Gulf's Charlie Condos
 E Condos Unveils 5% Deposit for those looking to live at Yonge and Eglinton
 Photo of the Day: Life in a Box
 Showcasing Aragon Properties' Showcase Lofts
 Yonge + Rich Evolves after a visit to the Design Review Panel
 Hockey Legend Wendel Clark Scores for King Blue Opening
 Streetcar Developments' The Carlaw Hits the Ground Running
 The Many Sides of Context's Market Wharf
 Photo of the Day: Curves at Market Wharf
 New Headers Make Navigation Easy on the UrbanToronto Forum
 A Sheathing of Green for Library District Condos
 Toronto's West Don Lands Transforming for the Pam Am Games and Beyond
 Neighbourhood Node: (Re)Introducing Corktown
 Topping Off March 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Construction Update: Chaz Yorkville Condos On The Rise
 Waterscapes and Ocean Club Condos Chart Progress in Humber Bay Shores
 One Sherway Wrapping Up as Sherway Gardens Ramps Up
 Lanterra Buys 11 Wellesley West For Future Development
 Photo of the Day: View From Yorkville
 Design of E Condos Evolving Into Future Yonge & Eglinton Landmark
 Market Wharf Nearing Completion; Public Art Renderings Released
 Penthouses at The Carnaby Bring Loft Living to West Queen West Skyline
 Branch Library at Context's Library District Condos is Stacking Up
 Photo of the Day: A Mirror on One Bloor East
 Topping Off February 2013: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 BILD Reveals Finalists for Annual Toronto Home Builder Awards
 'Ballast' to Anchor Great Gulf's Charlie Condos at King & Charlotte
 Hariri Pontarini Win 2013 RAIC Architectural Firm Award
 The Crane Comes Down at Streetcar's 8 Gladstone
 Great Gulf's Yonge + Rich Condos Plan Natural Connections
 Webcampak Melds Time Lapse Photography and Construction Monitoring
 First Full Rendering of Yonge + Rich Condos Reveals Complex Skin
 Catching Up With Urban Capital's River City Condos
 Photo of the Day: The East Side
 Catching up with Andrin and Brown's Berwick Condos at Yonge & Eglinton
 Pei Partnership Architects Design Condo With Quadrangle For Yonge & Eglinton
 Great Gulf's Yonge + Rich Condos Coming to Downtown Toronto
 The Crane Goes Up for CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Hullmark Centre: Transforming North York's Skyline
 Catching Up With Menkes' Pears on the Avenue
 Urbanation Releases Q4-2012 Results: Another Booming Year for Toronto
 A Look at King Blue's Model Suite
 Photo of the Day: Winter City
 990 Bay Gives Way to 1Thousand
 Emerald Park Reaches Ground Level
 Photo of the Day: The Financial District Rises High
 Update on CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Demolition of 42 Charles East Underway for Cresford's Casa II
 The Big Pour Turns Heads at One Bloor East
 Post House Condos Rising In Toronto's Downtown East
 Photo of the Day: Making the Best of Winter
 Humber Bay Shores Growing Again With Ocean Club and Waterscapes
 Cranes fill the Sky in the West Don Lands' Pan Am Village
 Wrapping Up 2012: What We Cared About On UrbanToronto
 Stunning Rendering of Toronto's Future Skyline
 Library District Condos Starting to Show Some Skin
 The Interview: Elaine Cecconi and Anna Simone, Part 2
 One Bloor East Preparing for Massive Concrete Pour
 Hullmark Making its Mark on North York Centre
 Unbeatable Amenities in a Stellar Location - King Blue is the new 'IT' Spot
 Photo of the Day: Yorkville Rises
 Renovation Announced for Church of Scientology on Yonge
 Work Continues at One Bloor East
 Couture Comes to Ted Rogers Way
 Topping Off November 2012: What's Hot On UrbanToronto
 Carlaw: The Creation of a Condominium Corridor
 Bay Street Abuzz With Development Activity
 Crane Comes Down at Market Wharf
 Photo of the Day: Skyline from Chinatown
 Repurposing the Old Four Seasons into the New Yorkville Plaza
 Future Eastern Skyline
 Construction Set to Begin on Exhibit Residences at Avenue & Bloor
 Photo of the Day: Downtown from Above
 How to Create a Fresco: Sandro Martini Talks About His Monumental Work at Burano Condominiums
 Sheppard Avenue Corridor Continues to Grow with Hullmark Centre
 Sandro Martini Feted as Burano Fresco is Unveiled
 Photo of the Day: Aura Rises Up From Downtown
 New Interior Renderings for Massey Tower
 Discovering King Blue's Finer Points Through The Scale Model
 Green Light for Lawrence Heights Revitalization
 Photo of the Day: Stable & Fluid Neighbourhoods
 Five St. Joseph: More Than a Condo Tower
 Topping Off October 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 The Florian Joins the Yorkville Crowd
 King Blue Condos to House Theatre Museum Canada
 Development Review: The Ontario Municipal Board
 Proposed Redevelopment of 140 Yorkville Avenue
 Photo of the Day: View From The Park
 A Look Inside Streetcar's "Pop-Up Shop" at The Carnaby
 Development Review: Toronto's Development Process
 Streetcar's "Pop-Up Shop" Weekend at The Carnaby
 Photo of the Day: Evolution of Downtown
 King Blue Condominiums Launches in a Dazzling Presentation Centre
 Toronto Condos: CBC's Interactive Before & After
 The Official Plan: Toronto's Development Process
 Skyjacked Brings Construction Photography to New Heights
 The Interview: ERA Architects on Heritage at Five St. Joseph
 Topping Off September 2012: What's Hot On UrbanToronto
 Photo of the Day: Tall Crane Rising From One Bloor East
 Chaz Yorkville Breaks into Luxury Market with Release of Sky Residences
 The Interview: Gary Switzer of MOD Developments, Part 3
 Photo of the Day: Downtown Panorama from The Burano
 Mirvish & Gehry Set "Stage" for Redevelopment of Theatre District
 Lifetime Offers Guaranteed Return on The Bond & Bisha
 The Interview: Gary Switzer of MOD Developments, Part 2
 Hullmark Centre: Making a Mark on North York Centre
 Tridel Opens 101 Erskine Condos Presentation Centre
 Photo of the Day: Couture Meets X
 Bazis, Metropia, and RioCan's E Condos Launches To A Packed House
 The Interview: Gary Switzer of MOD Developments, Part 1
 New Renderings Emerge for King Blue Condos
 Sky-High or on the Street, Five St. Joseph's Got You Covered
 Zancor Homes Launches Xpression South
 X-Rated Toronto: A Condo For A City-Voyeur
 Waterfront Toronto's Year in Review
 The First Crane Is Up At Great Gulf's One Bloor East
 MOD Developments Contributes to the Celebration on Yonge
 Mod'rn Condo Set to Launch in Booming Burlington
 Photo of the Day: Skyline from Canary District Construction Site
 A Quick Peek into Burano's new Art-filled Restaurant Space
 Hard Hat Tour of the Canary District Site and More in the West Don Lands
 New Renderings for Bazis' E Condos Provide Pedestrian Perspective
 Excavation Work Continues at One Bloor East
 Topping Off August 2012: What's Hot On UrbanToronto
 Excavation Continues at Lifetime Developments' Yorkville Condominiums
 The Interview: Steve Gupta of Easton's Group, Part 2
 OHBA Releases Finalists for This Year's Awards of Distinction
 SIX50 King West Nears Completion
 The Interview: Steve Gupta of Easton's Group, Part 1
 Photo of the Day: Lanterra's Burano & Murano
 Functional Space Leading Factor in Carnaby Condo Suite Design
 The Florian Nearing Completion at Bay and Davenport
 CentreCourt Developments Sending Three Towers Skyward
 Photo of the Day: Great Gulf Homes' Charlie Condos
 Topping Off July 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 The Interview: Scott McLellan of Plaza
 Scenes from a Hard Hat Tour (or Two)
 Photo of the Day: Midtown's Skyline
 Topping Off June 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Xpression in Richmond Hill to Celebrate Grand Opening
 Photo of the Day: Charlie's Magic Hour
 Street Style Pop-Up Shop Comes to The Carnaby
 Clear Spirit towers above the Distillery while Gooderham Condos prepares to rise
 Photo of the Day: Context's Market Wharf
 Photo of the Day: Bay Street's Burano
 Cranes Arrive in the West Don Lands
 Cladding Continues to Impress at Couture Condos
 Photo of the Day: City Building
 The Interview: Prishram Jain of TACT Architecture, Part 2
 The Carnaby Gets the Pop-Up Treatment
 UrbanToronto Tours Context's Market Wharf
 2012 Pug Awards Announced
 Oneeleven Bathurst Impresses at Community Consultation Meeting
 Photo of the Day: A View Down Spadina
 Re-Approaching Floorplans at The Carlaw and B.Streets
 One Bloor Hopes to Gain Additional Density at Upcoming CoA Hearing
 Details Emerge for 83-Storey 50 Bloor Street West Proposal
 Transformation of Yonge and Eglinton Continues With Two New Proposals
 Dundee Kilmer Shoots For Gold at Pan Am Athletes' Village
 Big Update on Bazis, Metropia and RioCan's E Condos
 Topping Off May 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Two Major Peter Street Proposals Make Their Way To Public Consultation
 Xpression Launches with a Packed VIP Event in Richmond Hill
 dataBase Project of the Day: E Condos
 Photo of the Day: Bridge Set to Rise at Parade
 dataBase Project of the Day: The Carnaby
 Only a Few Days Left to Vote in the Pug Awards
 Photo of the Day: X Condos and Couture Cozy Up For the Camera
 dataBase Project of the Day: Oneeleven Condominiums
 Doors Open Toronto: Gardiner Museum, Queen's Park, MaRS, and Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre
 Photo of the Day: L Tower Continues to Take Shape
 INDX Condo Appeals to Bay Street Appetites
 The Big Pour Goes Down at Great Gulf Homes and Lifetime's X2 Condos
 The Shores: The Perfect Condo For a Long Weekend ?
 Construction Progressing Well at Concert Properties' Motion
 Photo of the Day: King West's Growth Spurt
 Introducing the Canary District Neighbourhood in the West Don Lands
 Construction Update at Emerald Park Condos
 dataBase Project of the Day: Bisha Hotel and Residences
 Canary District Condos Looking to Change Development Within Toronto
 Breaking: Preliminary Project Info for Canary District Condominiums
 New Inventory Release for INDX Condos
 Photo of the Day: Rosedale Valley Road towards Yonge and Bloor
 Streetcar Developments Introduces Metro to Queen West
 DataBase Project of the Day: The Carlaw
 Lanterra's soaring Burano heading for completion on Bay
 Clean Slate for The Berwick as Yonge & Eglinton's Latest Development Gets Underway
 Photo of the Day: Toronto Shines at Night
 Extensive Renovations Planned for Delta Chelsea Hotel
 Amenities at The Carnaby Blend 60's Vibe with Contemporary Feel
 Urbanation Releases First Quarter Market Stats
 Site Model for The Perry Sparks Interest at Ave and Dav
 Pug Awards Voting is Open and They Want Your Opinion!
 Topping Off April 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Construction Update on ELAD Canada's Emerald City Condos
 Photo of the Day: MuseumHouse Condos As Seen From Philosopher's Walk
 Pears on the Avenue Situated to Take Advantage of its Evolving Neighbourhood
 Harhay Opens oneeleven Condominiums This Weekend
 Details Emerge on Yonge & Eglinton's E Condos
 Foundation Progresses at One Bloor East
 Photo of the Day: Market Wharf Rises Above St. Lawrence Neighbourhood
 The Interview: Chris Harhay talks about oneeleven and The Ninety
 Photo of the Day: Morning Fog Flows into the City
 "Placeholder" Development at Northwest Corner of Yonge and Sheppard
 Oneeleven Bathurst Street Launches Sales with Brokers' Event Tomorrow!
 Photo of the Day: Yonge Street Set For Change
 Development Proposal for 50 Bloor Street West is for the Tallest Residential Tower in Canada
 Photo of the Day: Downtown Toronto Viewed from Dundas West
 The Carnaby designed with Pedestrian Scale in Mind
 Empire Communities Proposes Newest Yorkville Condominium
 Lifetime and CentreCourt launch INDX Condos in the Heart of the Financial District
 UrbanToronto Contest Winners Enjoy Shangri-La Tour
 Bazis, Metropia and RioCan's Yonge & Eglinton Project Has a Name: "E Condos"
 Photo of the Day: A View of SickKids Research & Learning Tower
 The Interview: Shelley Fenton of Reserve Properties, Part 2
 Rendering of Lifetime and CentreCourt's INDX Lobby Released
 Finalists Announced for BILD's 2012 Awards
 Photo Of The Day: Charlie Condos Impacting King Street West
 Harhay and Carttera Unveil oneeleven Condominiums on Bathurst
 Photo Of The Day: Can We Get Closer To The Crane At X2 Condos?
 Easton's and Remington Reveal Plans For 355 King West
 The Interview: Shelley Fenton of Reserve Properties, Part 1
 Preliminary Renderings of Bazis, Metropia and RioCan's Yonge & Eglinton Project Surface
 X2 Condominiums Prepares for the Arrival of its Crane
 Photo Of The Day: The Downtown Toronto Skyline From Humber Bay
 The Carnaby Not Just A Tease
 Topping off February 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Photo Of The Day: Market Wharf Condos Adding To The St Lawrence Neighbourhood
 Condo and Transport Project-Spotting from 33 Storeys Above Toronto
 The Carnaby: condos coming to Queen West at Gladstone
 The Carlaw Launches Cash Incentive on Units for Sale
 Photo Of The Day: 45 Charles East Makes Way For Chaz Yorkville Condos
 The Interview: David McComb of Edenshaw Homes
 Photo Of The Day: The North End Of Downtown Toronto Is Rapidly Changing
 Cranes Arrive for Emerald Park Condo's 32 and 42-Storey Ascent
 Emerald City Rises at Don Mills and Sheppard
 Photo Of The Day: 60-Storey Massey Tower Condos Planned For 197 Yonge Street
 Demolition clears the site for Lifetime's Yorkville Condos
 First Rendering of Lifetime and CentreCourt's INDX Condos Revealed
 Great Gulf's Charlie: A Condo Finds Love On UrbanToronto
 Photo Of The Day: The Lost Parking Lots Of Toronto
 Photo Of The Day: Couture Condo By The Monarch Group Coming Together
 Urbanation Releases Fourth Quarter Condo Stats
 Topping Off January 2012: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Photo Of The Day: Great Gulf Homes' One Bloor East Underway
 Diamond Schmitt Amongst The World's Largest Architectural Firms
 Photo Of The Day: Great Gulf Homes' Charlie Condos Adding To King West
 Construction on Chaz Condos Continues...Even on Boxing Day?
 The Interview: Brian Brown and Andrew Hoffman Create Karma
 Topping Off 2011: Our Poll Results - New Doors Scheduled To Open in 2012
 Topping Off 2011: Our Poll Results - Condos and Colleges
 Karma Condominium's Climbing Higher: 50 Storeys Now Approved
 Photo Of The Day: Market Wharf By Context Development Starts To Rise
 Photo Of The Day: View of Downtown Toronto from a GO Train
 Full Steam Ahead for One Bloor East
 Canadian Cities Nominated 65 Times at National Sales and Marketing Awards
 dataBase Project of the Day: Hullmark Centre
 Demolition for CHAZ Yorkville Condos Finally Begins
 Charlie's Joining the King West Crowd
 Chaz Goes Yorkville As Work Gets Underway At 45 Charles
 First Peek at the Café Glazing on Lanterra's Burano Condos
 Topping Off November 2011: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 dataBase Project of the Day: Five St. Joseph Condos
 dataBase Project of the Day: Exhibit Residences
 The Hill Condos by BSaR Group of Companies Coming to Eglinton West
 dataBase Project of the Day: Couture The Condominium
 Wanted: Better On-Street Retail In New Condos
 Emerald Park Condos Digging Deeper
 dataBase Project of the Day: Rise Condos
 Scale Model Reveals More Detail In Karma's Design
 dataBase Project of the Day: CHAZ Yorkville
 Reserve Properties' Rise Condos Launch at Bathurst and St. Clair
 dataBase Project of the Day: The Carlaw
 Photo Of The Day: Yonge And Bloor Awaits One Bloor East Condos
 dataBase Project of the Day: Karma
 Photo Of The Day: The View North From The Top Of Living Shangri-La Toronto
 NEW FEATURE! dataBase Project Of The Day: Lago On The Waterfront
 Photo of The Day: Looking North Past Jarvis Street
 Photo of the Day: Downtown seen from the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Toronto
 Ocean Club Condos Presentation Centre Closing: Last Chance to "Catch the Wave" on Pre-Construction Pricing
 Penthouses Released for Exhibit Residences
 Photo Of The Day: Adding Charlie Condos to the Density Downtown
 The Interview: Mark Mandelbaum and Barry Fenton of Lanterra Developments
 Reserve Properties Firmly on the Rise at Bathurst and St. Clair
 The Carlaw: A Shift to Large Scale Development in the City's East-End
 The Interview: Sam Crignano of Cityzen - Part 2
 Lifetime and CentreCourt Are Sending Some Karma Our Way
 Photo Of The Day: The Fabulous View Of Downtown From Gläs Condos
 The Interview: Sam Crignano of Cityzen - Part 1
 New Office Building coming to 4800 Yonge in North York City Centre?
 Yorkville Plaza Soaring to New Heights
 Construction Of Emerald City Condos By ELAD Canada Is Underway
 Photo Of The Day: Pizzaiolo Comes To UrbanToronto's Rescue
 Starting To Brace The Walls At Five St. Joseph Condos
 Photo Of The Day: Shoring Continues At Great Gulf's One Bloor East Condos
 Context's Library District Underway Again After Archeological Assessment Accomplished
 Photo Of The Day: The Changing Face Of Downtown Toronto
 Photo Of The Day: The Hole Continues To Grow At X2 Condos
 Carlaw, Howard Park, and The Bond: Sneak Peeks at a Trio of Projects
 Sorbara and Diamondcorp's No. 210 Simcoe Ready To Go
 Looking Down At Context Development's Market Wharf Condos
 Photo Of The Day: Bloor Street Canyon Awaits Arrival Of One Bloor East Condos
 Elad Canada Prepares to Launch Dream Tower at Emerald City
 Charlie Condos By Great Gulf Homes On The Rise
 Photo Of The Day: Construction Finally Begins At One Bloor East Condos By Great Gulf Homes
 Love Condos goes for Whimsy over Slickness with its Marketing
 Photo Of The Day: The New Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Toronto Dominating Midtown
 Construction Progressing at Lifetime and Great Gulf's X2 Condos
 Context Developments Market Wharf Condos Shows The Love To Market Street
 Beige Midtown Slowly Being Transformed By Glass Towers
 ELAD Canada bringing Emerald City to Don Mills and Sheppard
 Chaz On Charles Plans On LEED Silver Certification While Going From 39 To 47 Storeys
 Couture Condos by Monarch Group hits the Third Floor
 Market Wharf By Context Development Set To Redefine The St Lawrence Neighbourhood
 Michael McGrath talks One Bloor construction technology at the groundbreaking
 David Pontarini talks One Bloor design at the groundbreaking ceremony
 Construction Progress Updated At Tridel's Hullmark Centre
 L Tower Condos By Castlepoint, Cityzen, And Fernbrook Homes Set To Remake Yonge Street
 David Gerofsky of Great Gulf Talks One Bloor
 Great Gulf Homes Celebrates Groundbreaking At One Bloor
 Masses Of People Celebrate Great Gulf Homes' One Bloor East Condos Ground Breaking
 Lanterra's Burano on Bay Shapes Up Against Murano
 Crane Closes Street For Five St. Joseph Condominiums
 The Interview: Mel Pearl of Lifetime Developments
 Construction Updated At Bazis, Metropia and Plaza's Emerald Park Condos
 The Pugs Reward Torontonians' Favourite New Buildings
 Demolition Work Updated At Graywood and MOD Developments' Five St Joseph Condos
 Shoring Work At Great Gulf and Lifetime Developments' X2 Condos Comes To A Close
 One Bloor Condos By Great Gulf Homes Finally To Start Construction?
 Urban Toronto To Be Live on Inside Toronto Real Estate on Rogers TV Tonight At 7PM
 Yorkville Group's MuseumHouse Rises Above the ROM
 The Shores Soon Arriving By Oakville's Bronte Harbour
 Enjoying The Pool Area At Great Gulf Homes' X The Condominium
 Demolition Work To Begin July 4th For 45 Charles And Edenshaw Homes' Chaz on Charles
 Demolition Work Begins For Graywood And MOD Developments' Five St Joseph Condos
 Podium Phase Of Market Wharf Condos By Context Development Nearing Completion
 UrbanToronto takes a closer look at the Standout Amenities at Chaz on Charles
 Urbanation Launches Condominium Rental Market Overview
 Monarch's Couture Condominiums closing in on Ground Level
 Excavation Work Begins At Bazis, Metropia and Plaza's Emerald Park Condos
 Construction Equipment Begins To Arrive For Great Gulf Homes' One Bloor East Condos
 Landscaping Comes To The Rescue Of The John Lyle Studio Facade At Lanterra's One Bedford Condos?
 UrbanToronto Explores Amenities A-Plenty at the Ritz-Carlton
 Many Projects Rising and To Come in Humber Bay Shores
 Early Rendering for 52-Storey Condo at 21 Grenville by Lifetime and CentreCourt Developments
 Archaeological Find at Context Development's Library District Condominiums
 A View Of Toronto's Future From Churchill Park Condos
 Residences at the Ritz-Carlton
 Photo Of The Day: Ritz-Carlton Residences Highlight One Drawback Of Living High
 Urban Toronto Discusses One Bloor East Interiors with Anna Simone of Cecconi Simone
 Pemberton Group's Uptown Residences Condos Adds To Toronto's Architectural Diversity
 Yonge And Bloor Stands As A Backdrop To The Future One Bloor East Condos By Great Gulf Homes
 Bazis, Pure Plaza, and Metropia Open the Doors to Exhibit Residences
 Bazis, Plaza and Metropia Developed Emerald Park Condo Breaks Ground At Yonge And Sheppard
 Finishing Touches Coming to Lanterra's One Bedford Condominiums
 Exhibit Residences Condos By Bazis International, Plazacorp and Metropia Coming To 200 Bloor West
 Pace Condos By Great Gulf Homes Coming To Dundas And Jarvis
 Bazis, Pure Plaza, and Metropia's Exhibit Residences Soon Opening For Sales
 Context Development's Market Wharf Condo A Little Off Centre
 Lifetime Developments' Yorkville Condominiums Commences Sales
 Details of Lanterra's Burano Condos Becoming Clearer As It Rises
 Graywood and Beaverhall Warm Up Winter At Ocean Club Condos
 Emerald Park Condos And Hullmark Centre Set To Reshape Yonge and Sheppard
 One Bedford Condos By Lanterra Developments Welcomes First Retail Tenant
 A First Peek At Burano's Condos' Restored Base
 Photo Of The Day: Work On Great Gulf Homes And Lifetime Developments' X2 Condos Begins
 Photo Of The Day: Great Gulf Homes' X The Condominium Looking Stunning At Night
 Ritz-Carlton Hotel Officially Opens In Toronto
 Great Gulf Homes' Charlie Condos Rising Above Ground at King & Charlotte
 Urbanation Says "Fourth Quarter Flurry" Drives 2010 Toronto Market To Near-Record Sales
 Photo Of The Day: Yonge And Bloor Skyline Circa 2015
 Bazis, Plazacorp, and Metropia Launch Exhibit Condos on Bloor Across from the ROM
 Photo Of The Day: Bloor And Yonge Soon Set To be Dominated By Menkes and Lifetime Developments Four Seasons Hotel And Condo
 2010 GTA Condo Market Reviews
 Graywood & Beaverhall's Ocean Club Condos Model Suite Now On View
 Construction Update on Cityzen and Fernbrook's The Shores Development
 Photo of the Day: Burano Looms Over the Bay Street Canyon
 Montana Steele Wins International Accolades For Toronto Condo Marketing
 Excavation at Early Stage at Pemberton's U Condos on Bay
 A Close Up Look At Lanterra Developments' Burano Condos
 Construction Imminent at Emerald Park Condos by partners Bazis, Metropia, Plazacorp
 Reviewing 2010: Completed Projects
 Reviewing 2010: Construction, Part 2
 Reviewing 2010: Construction, Part 1
 Reviewing 2010: Notable Births
 Photo Of The Day: Office Of Moriyama & Teshima Architects To Be Replaced By Lifetime Developments' Yorkville Condos
 Lanterra's Burano Grows Through A Cold December
 Context's Market Wharf Condo Adds a Syncopated Beat to the St Lawrence Neighbourhood
 Photo Of The Day: Looking Down On Varsity Stadium From Lanterra Developments' One Bedford Condo
 Lanterra Developments' Burano Condo Reaches 14 Storeys
 Photo Of The Day (Night): Graywood Development and Cadillac Fairview's Ritz-Carlton Lights Up The Night
 Views From Menkes and Lifetime Development's Four Seasons Residences
 Excavation Begins at One Bloor East
 Photo Of The Day: CN Tower, Meet The New Ritz-Carlton Hotel And Residences
 Toronto Top Ten (by height) 1929-2014
 45 Charles Ltd. & Edenshaw Homes' Chaz on Charles Goes With Limestone
 Photo Of The Day: Toronto On A Foggy Night As Seen From The First Canadian Place
 Great Gulf Homes' X Condo - What It Is And What It Should Have Been
 Photo Of The Day: Yonge And Bloor Skyline From The University Of Toronto
 New Angles Reveal Secrets at Context's Market Wharf Condominiums
 New Angles On Burano Condos' Angles
 News Flash: Movement at Great Gulf's One Bloor Site
 Lanterra's Burano Condominiums Starting To Reveal Secrets
 UrbanToronto Gets A Thorough Look At Graywood and Beaverhall's Ocean Club Condos
 Facadism Mars An Otherwise Great Looking One Bedford Condo By Lanterra Developments
 Photo Of The Day: Looking North From Lanterra Developments' Murano Condo
 Context Development's Market Wharf Condo Is Rising At 18 Lower Jarvis
 Photo Of The Day: Absolute World Condo As Seen From The Penthouse Of The New Ritz-Carlton
 UrbanToronto Tours the Ritz-Carlton for an Updated Look
 Lifetime Releases Rendering of The Yorkville Condominiums on Davenport
 Topping Off September 2010: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 What Will The Yonge And Bloor Skyline Look Like In 2015?
 Welcome to the Neighborhood: Diamante Development's Florian set at Bay and Davenport
 Context's Market Wharf Condo Podium Close to Final Height
 Urban Toronto Tours X The Condominium By Great Gulf Homes
 Lanterra Developments's Burano Condo Starts To Take Shape
 Quick Pic: The Yorkville Residences Condo By Lifetime Developments Is Getting A Sales Centre
 Cladding Nearing Completion on M5V Life
 Photo Of The Day: A View Of The Growing Cluster Of Tall Towers At Yonge And Bloor
 Great Gulf Homes and Lifetime's New X2 Condo Get's Underway
 Edenshaw's Chaz Yorkville Condos To Feature Wild Amenities
 Topping Off August 2010: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Quick Pic: What Happens If You Overlay Manhattan On Top Of Toronto?
 Photo Of The Day: X The Condominium By Great Gulf Homes Almost Done
 Neighbourhood Profile - North of Yorkville: NoYo
 Menkes' Pears on the Avenue Brings Modern to Avenue and Davenport
 Photo Of The Day: Ritz-Carlton Condo Hotel Has Quite The Window Cleaning Crane
 Demolition Quickly Clearing The Site For Great Gulf Homes & Lifetime Developments' X2 Condos
 Photo Of The Day: Great Gulf's X The Condo Just Keeps Getting Sexier
 Five St. Joseph Condos By Graywood And Mod Developments Launches
 Market Wharf Growing On Jarvis At The Esplanade
 MuseumHouse Set To Tower Over The ROM
 A Dark Double Vision At X The Condominium
 Quick Pic: The Ritz-Carlton At Night From The Maple Leaf Square Condo
 Emerald City First Phase Replacement Rental Buildings Close To Completion
 A Club With A View at CHAZ Yorkville Condos
 Quick Pic: The Top Of Chicago Condos By The Daniels Corporation
 Quick Pic: Great Gulf's X The Condominium Lobby Coming Together
 Works Progresses on Cityzen & Fernbrook's The Shores in Oakville
 Chicago Condos In Mississauga By The Daniels Corporation Updated
 Quick Pic: Ritz-Carlton Gets New Cladding While First Canadian Gets Replacement Cladding
 Topping Off June 2010: What's Hot on UrbanToronto
 Five St. Joseph Condos Sales Centre Opens
 Photo Of The Day: Yonge And Bloor Continues To Sprout
 Quick Pic: Market Wharf Condo By Context Developments Removes Final Trace Of Lake From St. Lawrence Market
 Quick Pic: Lanterra's Burano Adds To The Developing Bay Street Canyon
 Photo Of The Day: X Condo By Great Gulf From Yonge and Wellesley
 Heritage Toronto Mondays: Yonge and Bloor, 1926
 Quick Pic: Lanterra's One Bedford Condo Loses The Hoarding
 Quick Pic: Market Wharf Condominium By Context Development On The Rise
 Daily Poll 35 for May 28, 2010: Pug Awards The Murano
 Quick Pic: Burano Starting To Rise
 Daily Poll 1 for May 13, 2010: Pug Awards 100 Yorkville at Bellair
 More Glimpses Of The Unique Five St. Joseph Condos
 Quick Pic: Five St Joseph Condo Treats St Nicholas With Respect
 Quick Pic: Corus Quay Almost Done While Market Wharf Starts To Rise
 Quick Pic: How Many Cranes Can You Spot In Downtown Toronto?
 Photo of the Day: A Unique Building Set to Bite the Dust
 Photo Of The Day: Red X
 UrbanToronto Visits The New Ritz-Carlton, Part 6; The Views
 UrbanToronto Visits The New Ritz-Carlton, Part 5: The Lobby
 Urban Toronto Visits The New Ritz-Carlton, Part 4: The Podium
 Photo Of The Day: Bloor Street From One Bedford Condos
 Urban Toronto Visits The New Ritz-Carlton, Part 3: The SkyLobby
 Urban Toronto Visits The New Ritz-Carlton, Part 2: Penthouse Tour
 Pears on the Avenue Condos By Menkes Sales Centre Launched
 Urban Toronto Visits The New Ritz-Carlton - Part 1
 Quick Pic: Burano Hits The Street
 Quick Pic: New Ritz-Carlton Toronto Almost Done
 Photo Of The Day: Ritz-Carlton From U of T
 Ritz-Carlton Cladding Reaching For The Top
 One Bloor and Four Seasons Dominate in Future Rendering of Bloor Street Neighbourhood
 Project Renderings and Interiors of One Bloor East
 One Bedford Topped Off And Cladding Almost Complete
 Official Renderings For One Bloor Condos Released By Great Gulf Homes
 Fourth Time's a Charm? Great Gulf Homes to launch One Bloor East Condos
 Photo Of The Day: Lanterra Developments' Sales Office
 Residences at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto Close To Topping Off
 One Bedford Condos By Lanterra Developments
 Photo Of The Day: X The Condominium
 Forum Member Polystyrene Photographs From Great Gulf Homes' X Condo
 Which Version Of One Bloor East Do You Like The Best?
 Forum Member Polystyrene Photographs From The Ritz-Carlton Hotel And Condo
 How One Bloor East Condos By Great Gulf Will Impact Yonge And Bloor
 New Condos Are Rapidly Reshaping Bloor And Yonge
 Rendering For One Bloor East Condos By Great Gulf Homes Finally Revealed
 One Bedford Condos By Lanterra Developments Ruining U Of T?
 The View From Cresford Developments' Casa Condos
 Number One Bloor East: How About A Sneak Peek?
 Fantastic Night Time Panorama From Casa Condos To X The Condominium
 CityPlace's Parade Condos By Concord Adex Updated
 A Look Down On Great Gulf Homes' Number One Bloor East Condos
 Photo Of The Day: A Look At The New Ritz-Carlton On A Cold Day
 Zooming In On The Ritz-Carlton Toronto From The West End
 Residences of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto Starts To Get Its Signature Slanted Roof
 Photo of the Day: Burano's Pit: Backdrop For A Memorial
 Urban Toronto Re-Launches in a Big Way
 One Bedford Condos By Lanterra Developments On The Rise
 Will Great Gulf Homes Do The Right Thing With X The Condominium's Roof?
 Lanterra's One Bedford Pokes Up Above University College